Types of Cats
Behind Every Cat There Is A Great Story

If you are looking for all types of cats, then look no further!

The gallery below  features the popular and well known breeds, dwarf cats, hairless cats and the hybrid cats developed by man.

In this chapter about cat breeds we cover the history of each specific cat breed. 

By history we mean the origin of the breed, the country of origin, the development of the breed and the myths surrounding so many of the breeds.

You will love the stories about the Birman, Japanese Bobtail and even the darling Singapura - so do take a look.

If you are looking for information related to breed characteristics, temperament, health and nutrition then we suggest you look at our domestic cats facts.

abyssinian cat


american bobtail

American Bobtail

american shorthair

American Curl

American Shorthair

american wirehair cat

American Wirehair

australian mist cat

Australian Mist


bengal cat


bombay cat


balinese cat


british shorthair cat

British Shorthair

burmese cat breed


burmilla cat breed


california spangled cat

California Spangled

chartreux cat


chausie cat breed


cornish rex cat breed

Cornish Rex

cymric cat breed


devon rex cat

Devon Rex

don sphynx cat

Don Sphynx

egyptian mau cat

Egyptian Mau

exotic shorthair cat

Exotic Shorthair

longhaired japanese bobtail cat

Japanese Bobtail

javanese cat


korat cat


kurilian bobtail cat

Kurilian Bobtail

la perm cat

La Perm

maine coon cat

Maine Coon

manx cat


munchkin cat


napoleon cat


nebelung cat


norwegian forest cat

Norwegian Forest

ocicat cat


oriental shorthair cat

Oriental Shorthair

persian cat

Persian Cat

peterbald cat


pixie bob cat

Pixie Bob

ragdoll cat

Ragdoll Cat

russian blue cat

Russian Blue Cat

savannah cat

Savannah Cat

Scottish Fold

selkirk rex

Selkirk Rex

Serengeti Cat

siamese cat

Siamese Cat

siberian forest cat

Siberian Forest Cat

singapura cat


snowshoe cat

Snowshoe Cat

sokoke cat

Sokoke Cat

somali cat

Somali Cat

sphynx cat

Canadian Sphynx

toyger cat


tonkinese cat


Turkish Van Cat

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The photos of all types of cats are courtesy of the following animal photographers and breeders:

© Theresa Fouche

Somali Cat, Canadian Sphynx, Tonkinese, Oriental Cat, Persian Cat, Peterbald, La Perm, Norwegian Forest Cat, Maine Coon Cat, Munchkin Cat, Exotic Shorthair Cat, Cornish Rex, Devon Rex, British SH, American SH, Birman Cat, Abyssinian Cat

© SarahThexton  Siamese Cat, Cymric Cat, Bengal Cat

© Irene McCullagh Turkish Angora Cat, American Curl Cat, Egyptian Mau Cat

© Norma Hush Burmese Cat

© Alan Robinson Pixie Bob - breeder Jean Bates of Skokomish Pixie Bobs

© Robert Fox Korat Cat - breeder Liz Monument of Persephonies Korats ; Australian Mist Cat - breeder Patricia Bristow of Gossamyst.

© Larry Johnson American Bobtail Cat , Japanese Bobtail Cat - breeder Lorna Dawn Friemoth of NuDawnz Cattery

© Preston Smith Balinese Cat - breeder Lorna Dawn Friemoth of NuDawnz Cattery © BlueSkyCats Napoleon Cat

© Heikki Siltala American Wirehair Cat - licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported

© Photocat.co.uk Singapura Cat

© Claire Lovell Burmilla Cat

© Flamingice007sg California Spangled Cat - Work has been released into the public domain by its author.

© Jason Douglas Savannah Cat - Work has been released into the public domain by its author.

© Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported Sokoke Sokoke Cat

© Animal Photography Toyger Cat
Animal Photography is a leading stock library specialising in photos of Cats. They represent many top cat photographers, including Helmi Flick, Alan Robinson, Sally Anne Thompson and Tetsu Yamazaki.

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rare cats

American Bobtail Cat

Scottish Fold Cat

Chartreux Cat

Pixie Bob Cat

La Perm Cats

Nebelung Cat