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registered breeder

Registered cat breeders are members of and registered with one of the official cat registries in their country.

Generally they specialize in one (maybe two) breeds and they breed according to specific breed standards. 

They are very knowledgeable about their breeds, the genetics of their cats, cat health and nutrition. If possible buy a kitten from this type of breeder.

non-registered breeder

These breeders may have been registered in the past and generally belong to a specific cat club or association.

Whilst they are not registered with a cat registry, they tend to follow the guidelines and breed standards laid down by the registries.

They breed with purebred cats and generally have small catteries and produce limited litters of kittens in any given year.

backyard breeder

The backyard breeder or kitten mill is not registered with a cat registry and has no affiliation to a cat club or association.

They do not follow  the guidelines or breed standards.

These breeders have no interest in the cat's welfare or health. 

Backyard breeders produce as many kittens as possible for monetary gain and sell their poor quality kittens via internet 'shops' or via pet shops. Beware of signs that simply say: 'kittens for sale'

They give reputable breeders a bad name!!

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NOTE: We cannot guarantee that any cat or kitten that is purchased from any of the breeders are in good health or free of genetic abnormalities.

Cat Breeds Junction will not, under any circumstances, enter into or get involved with any dispute whatsoever arising from the purchase, sale, or any financial transaction resulting from the utilization of any of the listed breeders.

It is the responsibility of every visitor to ensure that they do thorough research about the cat breeders prior to purchasing a cat or kitten.

It may be advisable to contact the relevant cat governing body in your country to establish which breeders are registered or recognized.

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