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A Complete Cat Grooming Guide

Cat grooming is an essential part of cat care. Whether you have a longhaired cat or shorthaired cat, it will need grooming. The only difference is the extent of the grooming.

Some cats are high maintenance whilst other cats require minimal grooming.

For detailed information on individual cat breed's grooming requirements, take a look at our domestic cats fast facts.

Our cat grooming pages will cover all your cat's essential hygiene needs.

The grooming routine should not be viewed a chore. It will help you form a close bond with your cat and it's advisable that you start it at kittenhood.

Taking care of a cat is simple if you follow our guide. We will provide tips on on feline health care, hygiene and grooming requirements from head to tail and all the bits in between!

A dirty cat is an unhappy cat! Keep kitty happy by keeping her clean, healthy and comfortable!

10 reasons to groom your cat

Why should I groom my cat - it grooms itself? The answer is:  Yes and No!

  1. Brushing and bathing removes all that unwanted dust, grit and dirt.  It lifts dead skin cell flakes and removes all loose hair.
  2. Brushing is said to increase blood circulation thereby improving muscle tone and stimulating new hair growth.
  3. Brushing also separates each hair, making that already magnificent coat fuller and fluffier (longhaired cats) and sleek and shiny (shorthaired cats)
  4. Removes excess hair during molting period.
  5. Less loose hair means your cat will ingest less hair during self-grooming and thus reduce hair balls.
  6. Shedding will be reduced, which means less cat fur around the house and in turn, those humans susceptible to allergies, will cope better.
  7. Brushing and combing reduces tangles, matting and knots in the cat's fur. This eliminates a possible breeding spot for parasites!
  8. It's a time to do an amateur health check for early signs of disease. And as we know - prevention is better than cure. 
  9. It's an ideal time to inspect your cat for possible ticks, lice, mites or signs of any other minor ailments of the skin, eyes, ears and mouth.
  10. Grooming is a special time to shower your cat with and love and affection. 

when to groom your cat

getting started

As mentioned it's important to introduce your kitten to their grooming routine as young as possible.

To prepare your kitten for grooming in the initial stages, all that will be required is gentle stroking.

As the kitten becomes accustomed to this, gradually introduce it to the full cat care routine.

It's important to note, that irrespective of how gentle you are, cat's skins are extremely sensitive which can make cat grooming difficult.

The key is daily grooming - start early and establish a routine.


  • Before you start grooming, ensure that both you and your pet are calm and relaxed
  • When initiating the grooming routine, never use force
  • Cats need their sleep, so never wake your cat from their beauty sleep or attempt to groom them when they are asleep. This is guaranteed to make them grumpy!
  • Should your cat show signs of stress or irritation during their grooming session, rather postpone the session until later.

So 'when to groom your cat' basically depends on a time suitable to both parties!

If you have the means, you could employ the services of a reputable and professional cat grooming parlor.

Some parlors offer a service where they collect your pet from your home and return it after grooming. Others offer a home-based grooming service.

Professional groomers really are a must if you are a novice.

We recommend that if you aren't comfortable bathing your longhaired cat, removing stubborn knots or clipping claws, it's advisable that you call on the professionals at least once a month. It's well worth the effort.

Your cat will return looking and smelling brand new. Thereafter, you can maintain your cat in this good condition making daily grooming a breeze until the next visit to the parlor.

Visit our other pages on cat care for a complete guide for general cat health and hygiene.

Call us the house cat care specialists!

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