Serengeti Cat
Breed Profile and Facts

The Serengeti cat is the ideal cat if you are looking for a hybrid cat breed, but not an exotic wild hybrid cat.

The creation of this cat was inspired by the wild African Serval cat, but the good news is that there is absolutely no Serval blood in this cat.

Despite its resemblance to the Serval, no Serval cats were used in the breeding program. This rare cat breed was developed by crossing the Bengal cat and Oriental Shorthair cat.

brown Serengeti cat

Kingsmark Karoo of Mystichills | brown and gold Serengeti | photo © Karen Sausman, founder breeder

The founder of this new cat breed, Karen Sausman, is a conservation biologist with an impressive résumé with regards to her devotion to animals across the world that are on the endangered list. 

Mrs Sausman is strongly opposed to keeping wild animals (in this case wild cats) in captivity, especially for the purpose of domestication.

Her love and dedication to animals in danger of extinction led her to collaborate with other breeders to create the Serengeti.

Karen's ultimate goal is to dissuade people from purchasing wild hybrid cats by offering them an alternative to these exotic cats.

The Serengeti hybrid breed was created in California, USA and first graced the 'cat walk' in 1994.

brown spotted Serengeti cat
brown spotted Serengeti cat

Kingsmark Krishina ‘Krissy’ | brown spotted Serengeti | photo © Karen Sausman, founder breeder

serengeti features and characteristics

The Serengeti has a beautiful upright posture and is described as a medium sized, solidly built and strong, long and lean cat.

The cat's neck is thick and long, the legs are long and slim and the tail is moderately short but thick with gentle tapering from the base to the end of the tail.

The cat's head is longer that it is wide with a strong chin, medium sized muzzle and understated cheek bones.

The ears are very large and alert and the the tips are rounded.

Its eyes are large and round and eye-color can be gold or yellow, but green and hazel eyes are preferred -  blue eyes are unacceptable.

This cat has a fine textured, short, dense coat. It comes in two patterns, solid or random spotted.

There are four accepted coat colors - brown spotted, solid black (with ghost spots), black smoke and silver spotted.

silver Serengeti cat
silver Serengeti cat

Kingsmark ‘Dusty’ | silver spotted Serengeti | photo © Karen Sausman, founder breeder, owner Leslie Dart

serengeti cat information

ideal home | ideal family

The Serengeti cat is well suited to indoor living provided that it has an adventure zone filled with kitty toys, cat gyms and scratchers to keep it  occupied.

If your cat is allowed outdoors, it needs to be a cat run or enclosure which allows your cat to roam and explore in safety.

This cat makes a wonderful pet, especially for older children. Generally, spayed/neutered cats get on well with all pets, cats and dogs.

Early and gradual introduction to other pets is essential.

Serengeti Kitten
brown Serengeti kitten

Serengeti kittens | image courtesy of Karen Sausman of Kingsmark

serengeti breed personality

This cat is described as gregarious, outgoing, companionable and confident.

It is an intelligent cat that shows a keen interest in its surroundings. It can be quite talkative but not to the same extent as the Oriental Shorthair or Siamese cat.

Whilst this cat prefers company, it does adapt well to being alone, provided it's not for extended periods.

Like most cats, they adore a warm lap and being fussed over. It is an affectionate and loyal companion.

This is an active and playful cat that loves to be part of an active family.

cat care

This is a low maintenance cat breed which means that you only need to brush its coat once a week.

Visit the chapter on cat hair care for great tips and advice for grooming shorthaired cats.

serengeti health concerns

The Serengeti cat is a healthy cat. Like all other cats they are susceptible to common infectious feline diseases so please do vaccinate your cat.

Veterinary fees can be expensive, so you should always consider medical cat insurance for your pet.

diet | average weight

To keep your cat fit and healthy you should feed it the best cat food you can afford.

The average weight is 3.6 - 6.8 kg (Males: 10 - 15 lbs; Females: 8 - 12 lbs)

life expectancy

This cat has an average life span of around 10 years.

general information

The Savannah cat is another cat created to emulate the wild African Serval, but in this case, it is the result of a direct domestic-Serval cross.

wild African Serval cat

Savannah cat - hybrid cat breed

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Our sincere thanks and appreciation to Karen for sharing her photos with us.

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