Australian Mist Cat
The Origin of Spotted Beauties

The Australian Mist Cat (previously known as the Spotted Mist) is an all-Australian breed - most spotted cats were developed in the United States and Europe.

In the cat breeds-world, 'fashions' seem to come and go, but one trend that has remained, is the desire for spotted cat breeds, and this one is a true beauty!

Australian Mist cats

   Rumtumtugger Yanna (left chocolate spotted) Rumtumtugger Hebe (blue spotted)          Bred by Mary Stuart and Owned by Patricia Bristow of Gossamyst Cattery.                  Australian Mist picture © Robert Fox

Dr Truda Straede, the founder of this domestic cat breed, wanted to develop a hardy, spotted cat of good physical type and nature.

Her intention was to develop a cat breed that would be content living indoors and possibly a cat with reduced hunting instincts, one that would be affectionate and gregarious. 

the creation of a breed

In order to create her ideal cat, Dr Straede used over 30 foundation cats for her 'gene-pool'.

Fifty percent of the cats were Burmese cats, which contributed to the conformation, size, colors (brown, blue, chocolate and lilac) and of course for their relaxed, friendly nature.

The Abyssinian cat breed also played an important part, providing the ticked coat and giving the coat a veiled mist appearance.

Their intelligence and liveliness was also inherited from the Abyssinian.

To complete the picture, the final twenty five percent was provided for by domestic tabbies - renowned for their health and vitality and low incidence of hereditary diseases.

The stunning spots were most certainly provided by these domestic cats.

australian mist history


Dr Straede submitted her breeding program plans to the Royal Agricultural Society of New South Wales for approval


The experimental cat breeding program was accepted by the RASCC


4th Generation 'Spotted Mist" litters were eligible for Champion Status


The Marbled Patterned 'Spotted Mist' were accepted by the RASCC and the Waratah State Cat Alliance


Accepted by the New Zealand Cat Fancy

The 'Spotted Mist's' name changed to 'Australian Mist' due to the inclusion of both the Spotted and Marbled-patterned cats


World Cat Federation recognize the Mist.

Whilst the Australian Mist cat remains fairly uncommon in the USA and Europe, it is gaining popularity.

The first cats were brought to Europe around 2004 and the United Kingdom in 2007.

The United Feline Organization in the USA also recognizes the cat breed. 

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