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The cat photo gallery below features pictures listed alphabetically.

Whether it's pictures of adult cats or kitten pictures of the cutest kittens that you're after, our cat pictures are sure to please.

Maine Coon |Kernes Dallas Gold |Red Silver classic tabby  | Owner: D Gough | Breeder: Marianne Kernes

The photo above features the Maine Coon, Kernes Dallas Gold. A semi-longhaired cat and one of the largest cat breeds.

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American Bobtail




Cornish Rex

Don Sphynx

Devon Rex

Egyptian Mau

Exotic Shorthair

La Perm

Maine Coon



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Travel with us as we explore the world in search of different cat breeds.

Take a look at our stunning cat pics of the short-tailed American Bobtail or perhaps a rare cat breed like the curly-coated La Perm.

For a touch of 'wild', our action packed Bengal cat pics will appeal to you. 

The images of cute pansy-faced Exotic Shorthairs will melt your heart as will the adorable shortlegged Munchkin.

La Perm | Karnaki Gogga se Gogga | brown tabby | owner Karen Pepler

The La Perm is a new cat breed with a curly coat. The image above is of the brown tabby, Gogga se Gogga owned by Karen Pepler.


Our pictures of cat breeds are courtesy of photographers and cat breeders with a passion for domestic cats.

We gratefully acknowledge Theresa Fouche for her extensive contribution to Cat Breeds Junction, words cannot express our appreciation.

A very special thanks to Sarah Thexton, Irene McCullagh, Andre Young, Robert Fox, Alan Robinson, Larry Johnson, Preston Smith, Tetsu Yamazaki and Helmi Flick and all the Cat Breeders for their enormous contribution.

Our cat picture gallery will continue to grow, so do visit our site often for updates.

Should you wish to share your cat pictures with us please do contact us. We will gladly feature cat pictures of your cat breeds on our website.

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