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Tips on Choosing a Name

Choosing cat names can be fun and whilst the final decision really is a personal preference, you may want to consider the tips we have compiled before you settle on a name.

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A list of cat names, ranked A to Z, to make your selection a little easier.

Whether you are looking for breed specific names, unusual, popular, cool names or even a name that describes your kitten's color, we cover each of the categories.

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names for cats

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16 tips on choosing a name

  1. If your kitten or cat is adopted with an existing name, we suggest that you retain the name. Changing homes is traumatic and can be unsettling. Using their existing name may provide some measure of comfort.
  2. Avoid the temptation of selecting cat names before you have met your new kitten.
  3. There is no harm in delaying the name selection for a day or two whilst you get to know each other.
  4. The cat breed, the appearance, the color, the sex or even their personality may give you a clue for a possible name.
  5. Keep the name short and simple
  6. One or two syllable words are preferable when searching for names for your cat
  7. It is believed that cats respond better to names ending in 'y' or 'ie'
  8. Select a name that is easy to call out
  9. Ideally you should avoid funny or embarrassing names that result in thunderous laughter each time your cat is called.
  10. Before naming your cat after a favorite person in your life, do ask their permission, they may not be as excited about it as you are.
  11. If you have a pedigree cat with a registered name, you may want to use parts of this name or even shorten it e.g. Eustacia Kennett...maybe this becomes Stacia.
  12. Avoid using diminutive, cute kitten names that your kitten will soon outgrow.
  13. Select a number of boy kitten names and girl kitten names from the hundreds we have selected for you.
  14. Assess your kitten's response to each of the names before settling on a favorite.
  15. There are literally thousands of names to choose from. Your choice of name says a lot about you.
  16. Keep in mind that your cat could be around for up to 20 years, so be sure to select a name that you can live with too!

training your cat

how to train your cat to respond to its name

Experts tend to agree that whilst cats can be trained, it is more difficult than their canine friends.

Cats are trained by reward and not coercion.

They need to be in the mood and can't be bribed. (This is the true beauty of our independent feline friends).

They learn by association and positive and repetitive reinforcement.

Call your cat by its name at meal times, during grooming or when it's lounging on your lap.

Kitties are sensitive to your tone of voice so using a calm and gentle tone will elicit a positive response.

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