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Breed Profile and Facts

Many people describe Nebelung cats as a 're-creation' of the Longhaired Russian Blue cat.

They were originally seen in cat shows in Britain almost 100 years ago.

Both Russian Blue shorthair and Russian Blue longhair were shown. Sadly, the longhaired cat faded into obscurity whilst the shorthaired cat went on to gain recognition in most of the cat registries across the world.

Interestingly, the longhaired gene is carried as a recessive gene in the Russian Blue cat.

Nebelung Cat

Nebelung Ciastek the Grey © Bernard Boucher of Chatterie Le Fort del la Bosse Marniere

The Nebelung cat was bred to resemble the longhaired Russian Blue cat imported from Russia in the early 20th century.

To this day Nebelungs are outcrossed to Russian Blue cats, preferably those with the recessive longhaired gene to ensure breed standard and to increase the gene pool.

nebelung information | features

The overall look of the Nebelung is a long, sturdy and well balanced cat that is well muscled and graceful. Come to think of it, everything about the Nebelung is long - coat, legs, tail and body.

Its tail is long, about as long at its body.  The hair on the tail is long with a thick plume and the tail hair is longer than the body hair.

You guessed it, the legs are long and medium boned and the paws have tufts of hair between the toes.

Due to the long fur, the neck appears short, but it is in fact slender and long and somewhat graceful.

The Nebelungs head is shaped like a modified wedge with sharp contours. The muzzle is medium in length with puffy whisker pads. Its ears are pointed, quite large and with tufts of hair on the back.

Its wide-set eyes are medium in size and slightly oval in shape. The color should be a vivid green, but a yellow-green is also acceptable.

Nebelung Ciastek the Grey © Bernard Boucher of Chatterie Le Fort del la Bosse Marniere

a coat with a misty aura

This is a semi longhaired blue cat. The blue coat has a lustrous sheen to it. The silver tipping on the hair gives the fur a luminous, misty aura described as 'shimmering'.

Nebelung cats are available in one color only - Blue! At first glance the fur may appear gray, but a closer look will reveal a slate-blue color.

In terms of length, the coat is medium-long. The fur gets longer from the shoulders to the tail.

The double-layered, water-resistant coat is soft, fine and silky.

Climate and seasonal changes can be observed:

In summer the coat is less dense, whilst in winter you can expect to find a fuller, longer and denser coat.

Male Nebelung cats may have a neck ruff and the hind legs may have pantaloons. Its magnificent coat may take 2 years to reach full maturity.

Nebelung blue cat

Karolina Blue Angel | Nebelung picture © Bernard Boucher

nebelung facts

ideal home | ideal family

The Nebelung prefers to be outdoors.

Outdoor living is ideal provided that the outdoor living area is a safe, escape-proof enclosure.

It can adapt to indoor-living provided that you create an 'adventure zone' for your cat.  Any cat that feels confined will present with destructive behavior.

Nebelung cats do not enjoy clumsy handling or rough play. So unless the family has older children versed on how to handle cats, it is not suitable for a family with toddlers.

The ideal home for a Nebelung is with a mature family or retired couples seeking a companion cat.

The good news is that they do tolerate the company of other cats and get on well with cat-friendly dogs.

Nebelung in safe enclosure

We love the large outdoor enclosed area Bernard has created for his beloved cats.

personality and temperament

The Nebelung cat breed is a good natured cat with a mild disposition.

A highly intelligent cat, undemanding but quite talkative.  It is lively active and playful and whilst they can adapt to indoor living they much prefer the outdoors.

The Nebelung is relatively shy and rather timid around strangers. It generally forms a long lasting bond with a single member of the family and is exceptionally loyal.

Getting to know your Neb takes time, but once it adapts to its new environment, you'll have a companion for life.

It is a loving and affectionate cat, who adores a warm lap.

Nebs generally do not tolerate solitude well and it's said that they react badly to change - they prefer routine.

It is recommended that if owners are away for extended periods during the day that they should get two Nebelungs for company.

Nebelung relaxing

cat care

Longhaired cats needs more grooming than a cat with shorthair.

Nebelung cats need to be brushed twice a week and this should be increased during Spring when shedding increases.

Visit our comprehensive cat hair care information for tips on cat grooming.

health concerns

This is a robust, healthy breed with no hereditary or genetic issues.

Like all cats, they do need feline vaccinations against the common infectious diseases. 

diet | average weight

Like most cats this beauty is a fussy eater, so be sure you establish a diet routine of its favorite foods early on!

The Nebelung must be fed a high quality cat food. As it is a longhaired cat, it may benefit from commercially prepared cat foods specific to breeds with long hair - it may minimize hairball.

Our cat food and cat nutrition information will provide you with in depth info on all types of cat foods.

The average weight of Nebelung cats: 2.5 kg - 5.0 kg (5.5 - 11.0 lbs)

life expectancy

A well cared for Nebelung will be around for 16 + years or more.

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