How Long Do Cats Live?
Tips to Extend Your Cats Life

We are often asked: "how long do cats live?" There is no simple answer to the question.

The reality is there are numerous factors that determine 'cat age' or the life span of a cat.

Feral cats are exposed to the elements and have a short life expectancy - anywhere from a few weeks to 3 years. On the other hand, pampered indoor cats may live to the ripe age of 20 years.

Naturally, there are exceptions to every rule and we have read about cats that have lived for over 30 years.

Cat life span can be affected by any of the following:

  • indoor cats vs the outdoor cats
  • cat nutrition
  • cat health and cat care
  • cat breed and related genetics

how long do cats live?

It must be noted, that the cat life span information below is based on averages.

Many factors ultimately determine the life expectancy of your cat.

Some cat breeds do suffer from hereditary or genetic conditions which may shorten  the cat's life span.

Cat Breed
Average Life Expectancy (Years)
Abyssinian Cat
9 +
American Bobtail
12 +
American Curl Cat
12 +
American Shorthair Cat
12 +
American Wirehair Cat
9 +
Australian Mist Cat
12 +
Balinese Cat
9 +
Bengal Cat
12 +
Birman Cat
15 +
Bombay Cat
13 +
Burmese Cat
15 +
Chartreux Cat
13 +
Chausie Cat
14 +
Cornish Rex Cat
12 +
Devon Rex Cat
10 +
Donskoy Cat
12 +
Egyptian Mau Cat
15 +
Exotic Shorthair Cat
12 +
Japanese Bobtail Cat
12 +
Korat Cat
15 +
Kurilian Bobtail Cat
15 +
LaPerm Cat
12 +
Maine Coon Cat
12 +
Manx Cat
12 +
Munchkin Cat
9 +
Nebelung Cat
16 +
Norwegian Forest Cat
15 +
Ocicat Cat
9 +
Persian Cat
15 +
new cat breed
Pixie Bob Cat
12 +
Ragdoll Cat
15 +
Russian Blue Cat
10 +
Savannah Cat
15 +
Scottish Fold Cat
12 +
Selkirk Rex Cat
14 +
Serengeti Cat
10 +
Siamese Cat
15 +
Siberian Forest Cat
12 +
Singapura Cat
12 +
Snowshoe Cat
10 +
Sokoke Cat
12 +
Somali Cat
9 +
Sphynx Cat
15 +
Tonkinese Cat
15 +
12 +
Turkish Van
9 +

How long do cats live? With good veterinary care, medicines, cat nutrition and a dedicated cat owner, cat's can live for 15 years or more.

indoor cat vs outdoor cat

Cats that are kept indoors do tend to live longer simply because they are not exposed to outdoor dangers.

Outdoor cats (i.e. cats that are allowed to roam the neighborhood) are exposed to dangers which will greatly reduce their life span:

  • Infectious feline diseases such as feline leukemia virus and rabies
  • Trauma or injuries caused by fights with other cats
  • Injuries caused by dog bites
  • Injuries and fatalities from road traffic accidents
  • Poisoning of the cat by unfriendly neighbors
  • Increased exposure to parasitic infestations like fleas, ticks and intestinal worms

Cats that live indoors have their own challenges. Boredom may result in the cat becoming destructive. A lack of exercise may result in weight gain and obesity and an increased incidence of bladder infections.

How long do cats live? A safe environment, with an adventure zone and lots of exercise will greatly extend the life expectancy of your cat.

cat nutrition

A cat that receives a well balanced diet and fresh water is unlikely to suffer from dietary related cat illnesses.

There has been incredible advancement in the field of cat nutrition.

Today the cat lover has a choice of cat food to feed their cat - dry cat food, canned and even raw cat food.

Manufacturers of feline foods produce special feline diets. These foods can be:

  • breed specific
  • for particular conditions related to the gastro intestinal tract
  • diabetes, arthritis, kidney problems and weight loss
  • cat food for hairball reduction

How long do cats live? A well balanced diet is critical and will assist in keeping your cat healthy and assist in extending its life.

cat age calculator

Fun stuff! If you want to calculate cat age in human years then do use this cat age calculator:

cat health | cat care

Responsible cat owners ensure that their cats visit the veterinarian at least once a year.

During this routine visit the vet will do a complete physical examination of the cat. A comprehensive history from the cat owner will provide the vet with information regarding the cat's general health.

The cat should receive its annual cat vaccinations, de-worming treatment and a dental check-up.

Early detection of any medical condition will mean early treatment and possibly extend the life span of the cat.

Cats that are spayed or castrated also tend to live longer. Neutering will diminish the cat's desire to seek a mate and wander the neighborhood. It is also believed to reduce the development of certain cancers.

Regular grooming will assist with the early detection of external parasites (ticks and fleas) and allow the cat owner to treat the problem.

How long do cats live? Cat age can be extended if your cat receives regular check-ups and prophylactic treatment for common infectious diseases.

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