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A list of all cat breeds which provides a quick reference guide to different cat breeds from around the world.

Worldwide there are some 70 registered cat breeds. The origin of many of the breeds can be debated and some experts may disagree with the country of origin.

Unfortunately, in some instances, there is very little documented historical proof on the breed's origin.

Our point of reference will be based on the most commonly held beliefs and information available.

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Whether the cat breed list is based on the country of origin or defined by the coat length, characteristics or morphology, the detailed information regarding the breed remains standard. (Well, that is apart from the minor differences recognized by the governing bodies)

A recent study conducted on the DNA of a statistically significant sample of domestic cats has shown that cats (over 500 million of them) are probably descended from a sub-species of cat that originally inhabited countries in the Middle East.

Spontaneous (natural) mutations has resulted in new cat breeds e.g. Balinese, Somali, Ragdoll, Peterbald, Munchkin, Sphynx Cat, La Perm, Cornish and Devon Rex.

Hybrid cat breeds such as the Bengal cat breed (crossed with an Asian Leopard) and the Oriental cat (Crossed with Abyssinians, Burmese, Russians) were created by cat breeders in a careful and planned cross-breeding program.

The Exotic Shorhair, on the other hand, emerged by 'accident' during a cross-breeding program.

Irrespective of how the types of cats came about, they are all uniquely different and beautiful.

Most of the popular or common domestic cat breeds will be reviewed in more depth.

We have attempted to cover all cat breeds here - whether its a large domestic cat breed, like the Maine Coon Cat, or a non-shedding cat breed like a Sphynx - do take a look for your perfect cat.

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