Cat Insurance
Your Guide to Feline Health Insurance

Having cat insurance is vital.

No cat lover wants to be placed in a position where they need to choose between their beloved pet's life or money.

Veterinary care is expensive and in an emergency you often need to make decisions quickly.

It would be preferable to know that your cat care is covered.

We have compiled a list of questions you should be ask the insurance company prior to purchasing cat health insurance.

health insurance companies

Familiarize yourself with the questions below prior to contacting the
Pet Insurance Company.

questions to ask

  • Who is the Cat Health Insurance Company (and the Underwriters); and how long have they been in business?
  • Do the veterinarians in your area recommend the pet insurance company?
  • What is the monthly or annual premium or rate?
  • Is a discount offered for multiple pets insured?
  • Would there be a co-payment for each consultation/treatment? If so, what is the amount?
  • Do they charge higher premiums for specific cat breeds or for cats living outdoors?
  • Is there a limit for reimbursement per incident?
  • Do the premiums escalate as your cat gets older?
  • Does your cat need to have a medical check-up prior to acceptance of insurance?
  • What is the waiting period for insurance approval?
  • Does your pet need to be micro-chipped?
  • Do they provide customized plans and a comprehensive range of benefits to suit your needs?
  • Do they offer or allow for the inclusion of additional cover such as:
    • Compensation for loss of your cat due to injury, straying or illness
    • Reward and advertising costs in the event that your cat goes missing
    • Cost of cattery or boarding should you be hospitalized and unable to care for your cat
  • What benefits do they offer?
    • Are pre-existing conditions excluded from cover?
    • Are routine vaccinations covered?
    • Is spaying and neutering covered?
    • Would dentistry and cat dental health (teeth-cleaning) be covered?
    • Are hereditary or breed specific cat diseases covered?
    • Are chronic cat illnesses like cat diabetes, PKD, HCM covered?
  • Are the following treatments covered under your cat health insurance plan:
    • Alternative medicine, homeopathic pet med's or nutraceuticals
    • Acupuncture and hydrotherapy
    • Specialist referral and treatment
    • Diagnostics such as X-Rays, exploratory scopes, MRI's
    • Surgery
    • Hospitalization
    • Cancer Treatment
    • Euthanasia
  • Does the insurer limit you to specific veterinary clinic network or give you the freedom of choice?
  • Do surgical or emergency procedures require pre-authorization?
  • What is the annual limit for treatment?
  • Do they allow for convenient online claim submissions?
  • How long does it take for claim processing and reimbursement?

Choose the right cat insurance to suit your needs and pocket, whilst still providing comprehensive cover. Cheap cat insurance may prove to be costly in the long run. We recommend that you consider getting your pet cat insurance - you won't regret it!

More cat health insurance and feline health advice is available on the Cat Health Guide.

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