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A comprehensive cat breed list featuring domestic cats.

You will find cats with unusual features like short-tailed bobtails and curly eared cats, hybrid cats from domestic cat / wild cat crosses and of course new cat breeds that are still being developed.

So, if it is a longhaired popular cat breed or an exotic hairless cat that tickles your fancy, take a look at these extensive lists of different cat breeds.

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Cat Breed
How The Breed Came About
Abyssinian Cat breed Africa (Ethiopia) Natural Breed
American Bobtail USA Tailless stray found on an Indian Reservation. A spontaneous, genetic mutation from a dominant gene resulting in a short tail
American Curl USA Spontaneous mutation from a dominant gene resulting in curled ears
American Shorthair Cat USA Alley or Barn cat crossed with either a British Shorthair or Burmese or Persian
American WireHair Cat USA Spontaneous mutation from a dominant gene, resulting in a coarse, crimped coat
Australian Mist Cat Australia Cross Abyssinian, Burmese and Domestic Tabbies

How The Breed Came About
Balinese Cats
FE (Thailand) Semi-longhaired Siamese (Spontaneous mutation)
Bambino Cat USA Munchkin crossed with a Sphynx. Visit our Dwarf Cats Page
Bengal Cat Asia ; USA Wild Asian Leopard crossed with an American Shorthair.
Birman FE (Burma) ; France Siamese with white markings crossed with Angora or Persian. Possibly a natural breed.
Bombay Cat USA Sable Burmese crossed with Black American S/H
British Shorthair UK Natural breed, ancestors were barn cats. Breed re-established using the Chartreux, Russian Blue and Persian Cats
Burmese Cats FE (Burma) ; USA Burmese/Siamese mix, crossed with Seal or Chocolate Point Siamese. Possibly a natural breed.
Burmilla Cat UK Chinchilla Persian crossed with Lilac Burmese. Silver Burmese

How The Breed Came About
Californian Spangled USA Various crosses - Siamese, Manx, Abyssinian, American and British S/H, Asian strays
Ceylon Asia (Sri Lanka) Natural Breed
Chartreux Cat Europe (France) Natural Breed
Chausie Cat USA Hybrid Cat Breed - cross between the Felis Chaus (Jungle cat) and domestic cats or Abyssinian cat
Cornish Rex UK (England) Spontaneous mutation from recessive gene, resulting in curly coat. Out cross to Siamese, Burmese and Orientals

Cymric (See Manx)

UK (Isle of Man) ; USA Longhaired Manx

List of Cat Breeds Index: USA = United States of America; UK = United Kingdom; FE = Far East; ME = Middle East; S/H = Shorthair; L/H = Longhair


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