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A comprehensive list of cat breeds that provides information about all types of cats.

This list gives the country of origin and a short description of the domestic cat’s development.

Whether it's a shorthaired, longhaired or hairless cat breed that you're after, we feature all the cat breeds here.

You will not find teacup cats, largely because these cats do not exist. The dwarf cats and small cat breeds are featured here. 

The hybrid breeds (wild/domestic crosses) are listed but you will need to check with your local authority to establish the law with respect to keeping these cats.

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Napoleon Cat USA A dwarf cat breed. Cross between the short-legged Munchkin and the Persian Cat
Nebelung Cat USA / Russia Longhaired Russian Blue cat. Recreated in 1980's. Black domestic shorthair crossed with Turkish Angora. Now outcrossed to Russian Blue
Norwegian Forest Cats Scandinavia (Norway) Natural Breed
Ocicat Cat USA Siamese-Abyssinian cross, crossed with Chocolate Point Siamese or Egyptian Mau or Oriental S/H
Oriental Shorthair Cat FE (Thailand) ; UK Natural Breed
History of Persian Cats ME (Iran) ; UK Natural Breed
Peterbald Russia Cross between the Don Sphynx and Oriental cat or with the Siamese cat
Pixie Bob Cat USA Shrouded in mystery - either a natural breed or a natural mating between a domestic cat and American BobCat?
Ragdoll Cat USA Angora-type crossed with Birman-type cat
Russian Blue Asia (Russia) ; Europe Natural Breed

Savannah Cats USA Hybrid - Domestic Cat and Wild Serval Cat cross
Scottish Fold Cat UK (Scotland) Spontaneous mutation of dominant gene resulting in folded ears
Selkirk Rex Cat USA Spontaneous mutation of dominant gene resulting in curly coat
Serengeti Cat USA Hybrid - Bengal /Oriental Shorthair Cross. 'Serval look-alike'
Siamese Cats FE (Thailand) Natural Breed
Siberian Cat Asia (Siberian/Russia) Natural Breed
Singapura Cat FE (Singapore) Natural Breed
Skookum Cat USA A Munchkin crossed with a La Perm. Visit our Dwarf Cats Page
Snowshoe Cat USA Siamese with white paws was crossed with an American S/H
Somali Cats Africa ; USA A Longhaired Abyssinian. Possibly an Abyssinian crossed with longhaired cat i.e. Persian or Angora.
Sokoke Cat Africa (Kenya) A domestic cat of 'wild' origin. Natural Breed.
Sphynx Cat Mexico ; USA Spontaneous mutation resulting in little or no hair
Tonkinese Cats USA / Canada Siamese crossed with Burmese
Toyger Cat USA Cross between the Bengal Cat and a Domestic Shorthair. Resembles a wild Tiger
Turkish Angora Eurasia (Turkey) Natural Breed
Turkish Van Cats Eurasia (Turkey) Natural Breed

List of Cat Breeds Index: USA = United States of America; UK = United Kingdom; FE = Far East; ME = Middle East; S/H = Shorthair; L/H = Longhair


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