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An extensive cat list that features over 70 recognized domestic cats.

Some of the cat breeds listed are not acknowledged by all the cat registries.

There are also a number of breeds, especially those known as the dwarf cats that are under development and whilst listed here, they are yet to find acceptance amongst the cat fancy.

There are a host of different cat breeds to choose from - curly coated cats, cats with folded ears, cats with short tails and those with no tails at all.

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Cat Breed
How The Breed Came About
Devon Rex UK (England) Curly coated cat - as a result of a simple recessive gene
Domestic Lynx USA Small bobcat crossed with a Canadian Lynx and Domestic Cat
Don Sphynx Cat(Donskoy) Russia Natural Breed - Russian Hairless cat - result of a dominant gene
Dwelf Cat USA Munchkin cat crossed with a Sphynx and American Curl. Visit our Dwarf Cats Page
Egyptian Mau Cats Africa (Egypt) Natural Breed
Exotic Shorthair Cat USA American Shorthair crossed with Persian. Longhaired Persian
Genetta Cat USA Munchkin crossed with a Savannah, Ocicat, Bengal cat, Oriental. Visit our Dwarf Cats Page
German Rex Europe (Germany) Curly-coated stray crossed with Cornish Rex
Havana UK Chocolate Point Siamese crossed with European S/H

Cat Breed
How The Breed Came About
Japanese Bobtail Asia (China/Japan) Natural Breed - recessive autosomal gene resulting in bob tail
Javanese Cat USA Balinese (semi-longhaired Siamese, varying in color from 4 basic accepted colors of Balinese)
Kinkalow USA Munchkin crossed with an
American Curl. Visit our Dwarf Cats Page.
Korat Cat breed FE (Thailand) Natural Breed
Kurilian Bobtail Cat Russia (Kuril Islands) Natural Breed. Short tail as a result of a genetic mutation
Lambkins USA Munchkin crossed with a Selkirk Rex. Visit our Dwarf Cats Page
La Perm Cats USA Spontaneous mutation of dominant gene, causing curly coat
Levkoy Cat Russia A cross between the Sphynx and a lob-eared cat similar to the Scottish Fold
Maine Coon Cat USA Angora crossed with Russian or Norwegian or American Shorthair. Unknown - possibly a natural breed.
Manx Cats Isle of Man, UK Spontaneous genetic mutation; dominant autosomal gene resulting in short tail
Minskin Cat USA Dwarf cat breed with short legs. Cross Munchkin and Canadian Sphynx. (Devon Rex and Burmese also used in cross)
Munchkin Cat USA Spontaneous genetic mutation; resulting in short legs

List of Cat Breeds Index: USA = United States of America; UK = United Kingdom; FE = Far East; ME = Middle East; S/H = Shorthair; L/H = Longhair


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