Skookum Cat
A Miniature Cat Breed

The Skookum cat combines the unusual short legs of the Munchkin cat and the beautiful curly coat of the La Perm cat.

short haired Skookum cat

Meet Angel, a short-haired female Skookum | photo © Beth Fillman of Calico Rose Cattery

Roy Galusha is credited for initiating the creation of this small cat breed in the 1990's, but we believe he no longer breeds Skookums.

The breed is still considered and experimental breed and has not as yet received recognition from any of the major cat registries.

features and characteristics

This dwarf cat combines the characteristics of the Munchkin and La Perm and the ideal cat should have the characteristics described below.

The union of these two cats does not always produce the desired Skookum standard, which makes this a very rare cat breed.

Ideally, the cat's body should be moderately stocky and complemented by solid muscles and bone structure and a rounded chest - an elongated torso is undesirable.


The Skookum's legs should be short and typical of the Munchkin - the lower and upper part of the fore- and hind legs should be equal in length and the back legs are generally longer than the forelegs.

The cat's head should have a modified wedge shape with rounded contours. Its eyes should be very large, expressive and walnut-shaped.

the coat

The Skookum's curly coat is strongly influenced by the unusual La Perm coat.

Its coat could be described as light, soft and airy in texture and can have ringlets, waves or curls.

The coat is certainly not thick, but it does stand away from the body.

The Skookum comes is long and short hair varieties.

The Skookum always has curled eyebrows and whiskers.

longhaired Skookum cat

Smedley Hoover, a long haired male Skookum | photo © Beth Fillman

the skookum cat name

We were quite interested in the source of the cats name and did a search of the word which would appear to have a number of meanings:

  • According to the English dictionary it means: highest quality; marked by strength and power, the best, the ultimate, brave, tough, durable, trustworthy and reliable.
  • Skookum is a word (or rather jargon) used by the Chinook tribe of the Northwest Pacific region of the USA. The word means strong brave, tough and trustworthy. We have it on good authority that this was the source of the breed's name.

info for potential skookum owners

ideal home | ideal family

The perfect home for the Skookum is with a caring family that will provide this small cat with a safe, indoor environment. 

Of course your cat can venture outdoors provided that it is into an enclosed, escape-proof garden or a cat enclosure.

cute nearly newborn Skookum kittens

Skookum kittens | image courtesy of Beth Fillman of Calico Rose Cattery

personality and temperament

These are affectionate, sociable, active and lively little cats.

cat care

The Skookum cat is a low maintenance cat breed. To keep its coat clean and in good condition, a gentle brush once or twice a week is all that is required.

health concerns

The Skookum is a healthy cat breed.

This cat as mentioned is a cross between the Munchkin and La Perm.

The La Perm is a robust and healthy breed with no genetic / hereditary problems.

In the early days it was believed that the Munchkin suffered from bone deformities, specifically lordosis. This is unfounded and the T.I.C.A (The International Cat Association) geneticist has described them as a 'physically sound' breed.

Annual vaccinations, deworming and dental check-ups, coupled with a healthy diet and exercise will ensure that your cat remains healthy.

diet | cat nutrition

A well balanced, premium cat food is critical to the health of your feline companion.

It is also important that your cat has access to fresh, clean drinking water.

Milk should be avoided as many cats are lactose intolerant. Cat treats should be limited and only give your cat healthy treats!

Skookum kitten

Long haired male Skookum kitten | photo © Beth Fillman

life expectancy

The average life span is difficult to determine as this is a new cat breed.

skookum cat breeders

Calico Rose Cattery

New York, USA

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