The Dwelf Cat
A Dwarf Cat Breed

The Dwelf cat is a  new cat breed.

This cat combines the short legs of the Munchkin cat, the hairless trait of the Sphynx cat and the curled ears of the American Curl. The result is a very unique looking cat.

Dwelf cat breed

© Emilee McCurley Hogarts Photography | Breeder-Owner Nina Adkins-Kruzan of WavorgoNaked & HoBBiTcaTs Cattery | Cat: HoBBiTcaTs' Trilogy Dwelf

The name of the cat is derived from dwarf (for its short legs) and the elf (mythical creatures known for its large curled ears).

It may be described as a miniature cat breed, but dwarf cat is probably more appropriate.

features of a cute dwarf cat

Dwelf cats are small, stocky cats with well rounded abdomens. Their little bodies are muscular and medium boned. Their necks complement and are in  proportion to their bodies and are well muscled and short.

They have powerful, very short and well developed legs. (Their legs should never hinder their movement). The front legs may be slightly bowed and their oval-shaped paws have prominent knuckles.

The Dwelf cat's tail is slender, long and flexible and hair on the tip is permissible. The tail tapers from the base to a pointed tip.

Their head is slightly longer than it is wide and they have quite prominent  cheekbones.

A distinguishing feature are their ears which are described as alert and large. The tips of the ears should be flexible, round and slightly curled.  The cartilage in the ears must be firm.

They have large, wide-open, almond-shaped, expressive eyes that are set at a slight slant.


The Dwelf's coat ranges from complete hairlessness to a covering of very fine, short downy-type hair.

Whiskers and eyebrows may be absent or very short.

They feel like warm, soft and supple chamois or suede.

Wrinkles on the legs, shoulders and forehead are preferred.

Dwelf Cat

Gorgeous Dwelf | Photo © Natalya Sorokina of Grand Sphynx Russia

breed recognition

This is a new cat breed and not as yet accepted by all cat registries.

The International Cat Association TICA has accepted the breed under its Experimental New Breed category.

dwelf information

ideal home | ideal family

The ideal home for the Dwelf is with a loving family that will provide these  little cats with a safe, indoor environment.

These cats need to be kept indoors for a number of reasons. Hairless cats can get sunburn, they are sensitive to extreme heat and cold.

They need to be kept warm, so owners will need to invest in cat clothing and 'igloo'-type bedding.

These cats would prefer a home where they are not left alone for hours on end, they love human companionship.

Potential Dwelf owners need to be committed as hairless cat breeds do need a fair amount of grooming.

dwelf personality and temperament

If you are lucky enough to own one of these rare cat breeds, you will find that they are wonderful little cats.

They adore their humans and are amenable to being handled.

They are known to be sociable and friendly, active and playful.

Their short legs do not restrict them in anyway. Climbing is not a problem, they will find inventive ways of getting onto beds and cupboards.

These cats are very agile and athletic and do run around, climb and jump and they can be quite mischievous.

cat care

The Dwelf cat is a medium to high maintenance cat breed.

Whilst shedding is minimal, they do need regular bathing to keep their skin soft, clean and supple.

We highly recommend that potential cat owners visit our hairless cat care page for great tips on caring for these little nudes.

dwelf health concerns

This is a new breed and it will be difficult to establish if there are any health issues.

At this stage it would appear that they are robust and healthy cats. 

There may be genetic issues related to their pseudo-achondroplasia (short-limb dwarfism with normal size head):

  • lordosis (exaggerated inward curvature of the spine) and
  • pectus excavatum (a deformity that causes a funnel chest or sunken chest).

These conditions can be avoided or 'bred-out' provided a good breeding program is followed.

We are not aware if the genetic heart condition Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) which is found in the Sphynx is also found in the Dwelf cat.

We suggest that you speak to the breeder about these conditions.

Dwelf Cat

Curious Dwelf | Photo © Natalya Sorokina of Grand Sphynx Russia


The Dwelf is a hairless cat and most hairless breeds need a high calorie intake to keep them warm.

There are premium commercial foods available for hairless cats.

We suggest you speak to the breeder about an appropriate diet.

life expectancy

As this is a new cat breed, it is still too early to determine the average breed life span.

dwelf cat breeders

We urge all potential owners to do research about the breeder and ensure that you adopt your cat or kitten from a registered or recognized breeder.

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