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There are only a limited number of Nebelung cat breeders as this is a very rare cat breed.

At this stage cat breeders can be found in Europe and the United States of America.

nebelung cat, long haired russian blue cat

Always ensure that you find a breeder that specializes in one specific breed.

We also recommend that you buy a kitten from a breeder who is registered with a cat council or is a member of a recognized Nebelung cat club.

Registered cat breeders adhere to good health and breed standards and generally only have a limited number of kittens available.

We urge you, as a potential cat owner, to research the cat breed to ensure that the specific cat is suitable for your lifestyle and home environment.

For a comprehensive review of Nebelung cats visit this extensive profile which provides in depth cat information.

Nebelung Breeders - Europe

Chatterie Le Fort del la Bosse Marniere
Le Jardin des Agapanthes
Nimbati Nebelung Cattery
Cattery Evgeniya
Cattery Stella Lupi
Cattery Svizdas
Ladoga Cattery
Modry Puch Cattery
The Grey

Nebelung Kittens for Sale - United States

Nebelheim Cattery

nebelung kitten

If it is a blue cat that you are looking for there are a number of breeds, the Korat with it's peridot-green eyes, the Russian Blue cat, the Chartreaux and of course the British Shorthair, has a blue-coated variety.

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Breeders are welcome to contact us for a listing. 

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© Bernard Boucher of Chatterie Le Fort del la Bosse Marniere


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