Choosing a Cat Breed
Will Kitty Suit Your Lifestyle?

Choosing a cat breed is fun and exciting, but you need to make an informed decision about bringing a new 'family member' into your home.

We realize that having a pet is important to you that's why we have put this checklist together to ensure that you understand the implications and commitment required.

There is more to consider than just the type of cat and a cat name.

Consider the type of cat breed, your home environment, your financial status, your personal situation and how having a new kitten will impact your life.

selecting the right cat breed

There are over 70 different cat breeds to choose from and you need to decide which cat will best suit your environment and lifestyle. That way both you, and more importantly, your new kitten will be content.

  • A foreign breed
  • A longhair cat breed
  • A shorthair cat Breed
  • A 'hairless' breed
  • A moggie, without the pedigree

Our all cat breeds list is an easy reference guide about cats from around the world. When choosing a cat breed make an informed decision.

cat temperament is important

There are so many different cat breeds, each with its own unique personality traits 'designed' to suit your lifestyle. 

What are you looking for:

  • A lively, energetic or even boisterous cat
  • A lazy, docile and independent lap-cat
  • A dog-friendly or cat-friendly cat
  • A cat that demands a lot of attention
  • A playful cat that adores children
  • A placid companion cat for the more mature cat lover

Choosing a cat breed with the appropriate temperament to match your personality will ensure that you have a life-long and loving relationship with your kitty.

As a potential cat owner, you also need to understand normal and unacceptable cat behaviour, the Cat Guide team provides some insights.

need the appropriate home

Before choosing a cat breed, you need to ensure that your accommodation will suit the new addition to your family.

Our feline friends are sensitive creatures and if they are bored or unhappy, they will resort to improper behaviour.

  • Some cats adjust well to apartment-living, but you do need to provide them with an adventure zone to alleviate boredom.
  • Other cats need space and prefer to be outdoors. In this case, you need a safe, enclosed, escape-proof garden or cat run.
  • On the subject of home, climate is also important as some breeds are suited to warmer conditions and others adapt well to cooler environments.

consider your personal circumstances

If you are considering getting a cat, you need a stable environment. Postpone choosing a cat breed or adopting a kitten if you are in any of these situations:

moving home?

black cat in box
  • Moving home
  • Getting a divorce
  • Pregnant or have a newborn baby
  • Away from home for extended periods of time

Cats, like humans, need attention, company and stability.

They generally do not adjust well to a move or a change of environment.

The above situations can cause stress to your cat.

It's important to provide a calm and stable environment in order to avoid cat behavioral problems.

consider your financial situation

Having a pet can be costly so you do need to consider the monetary aspect.

  • The initial cost of the cat needs to be considered, pedigreed cats can be very expensive.
  • Cat food is costly, especially if you intend feeding your cat a well balanced, high quality food.
  • Cats prefer ceramic or glass food and water bowls. Sturdy, non-chip bowls can be pricey.
  • Kitty will need accessories like a bed, several scratching poles and several fun toys. 
  • Cat litter and a couple of cat litter boxes.
  • Cat health insurance is a must! Choose a health plan that offers good cover.
  • Consider the cost of neutering - spaying females and castrating male cats
  • Your kitten will need to be vaccinated and cat vaccinations and annual boosters are essential.
  • The cost of a boarding cattery or cat sitter when you take your annual vacation

do you have the luxury of time

Much time is spent on caring for your cat, consider this when choosing a cat breed.

  • Time to feed your cat
  • Time to wash their food bowls and bedding
  • Time to clear and clean cat litter boxes each day
  • Time to exercise and play with your cat
  • Time to take your cat to the vet for their annual check-up
  • Time for cat care and cat grooming and lavishing them with the attention they so often demand. Longhaired and hairless cats are high maintenance cats that require daily grooming. Shorthaired cats are low maintenance cats, but they do require grooming once a week.
  • Time - lots of it - your cat may live for 20 years

where to find your cat or kitten

Before choosing a cat breed you need to do thorough research.

Irrespective of where you find your kitty, ensure that your kitten is examined by a veterinarian and given a clean-bill-of-health.

If possible ask to see the parent cats and establish as much as you can about the history of the cat.

  • Cat breeders should, where possible be your first port of call for pedigree cats, but beware of kitten mills, backyard breeders and internet scams.
  • We also highly recommend animal shelters - you could be saving a life!
  • Avoid pet shops at all costs!

If you are considering adopting a kitten or puppy give it serious thought and take a look at Alley Cats And Mutts Adoption - a guide to pet adoption.

This cat information is not intended to discourage you from finding your perfect companion.

Cats make wonderful pets, but it's important to understand that they are reliant on you.

As potential pet owners we become emotional and irrational when we see an adorable little kitten begging us to take it home.

Do think twice before taking the plunge.

There are a plethora of unwanted pets our there - animal shelters are testimony to this.

A Christmas or birthday gift which brought huge delight on the day is soon rejected and dumped when the 'cuteness' wears off.

Ask yourself - Am I ready for the commitment? If you feel that you're up to it - and there are millions of cat lovers and owners out there just like you - then join the world of Cat-Breeds-Junction. We will assist you in choosing a cat breed.

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