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There are a limited number of Chausie Cat Breeders internationally.

The Chausie is a new cat breed developed in the 1990's by crossing the Abyssinian with the wild Felis Chaus.

hybrid chausie cat

Note: It is important for potential owners to be aware that this is a hybrid cat breed of wild origin.

As a result of this, there are certain states within the United States of America and countries around the world that have restrictions with regards to keeping these cats.

We recommend that before you decide to purchase a Chausie cat that you inquire whether you are permitted to keep them.

We found the Hybrid Law web site which will provide you with additional information regarding this.

Once you have established the laws pertaining to your area, it may be an idea to take a tour of the Chausie Breed profile which will provide you with information related to the breed characteristics, ideal home, health and nutritional matters.

Cat Breeders - Europe

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Cat Breeders - United States of America

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Tasurt Chausies
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Africadabra Cattery
New Mexico
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West Virginia
Marechal Chausie Cats

chausie cat

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Chausie Cat Photos Courtesy of:

Top © Bobbie Tullo of Hachita Tu Wanda - Chausie Owner: Bobbie Tullo ; Bred by: Carrie Sparks

Bottom © Mariko Florez of F5  Golden Ruddy, Chausie, Male, Rocky  Owner: Asia Exotics Bred by: Bion, JungleMtnExotics


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