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Are you searching for American Wirehair kittens for sale and not having much joy? This is understandable as the 'wire' is one of the rarest cat breeds and there are a limited number of American Wirehair Cat Breeders across the globe.

American Shorthair breeders do occasionally breed American Wirehairs. In many respects, the two cats are very similar, except of course the coat which distinguishes the two cat breeds.

Cat Breeders do offer these rare kittens for sale. When you buy kittens from certain breeders, they will insist that you sign a contract with strict, but warranted kitten adoption rules attached. This protects both you and the breeder and ensures the health and well-being of your Wirehair kitten.

To assist you in making a decision about whether this little beauty is appropriate for your lifestyle and family, visit the in depth profile on the American Wirehair cat.

American Wirehair Cat Breeders - United States of America


Blumoon O' Ky
Stedam Cattery
North Carolina

For additional cat information visit our pages that include detailed cat information on cat breeds, choosing a cat breed and ideas for cat names for your special American Wirehair kitten.

american wirehair cat

Wirehair Cat

There are a number of breeds with unusual coats. The Devon and Cornish Rex, the Selkirk Rex and of course the curly-coated La Perm cat.

Herewith a guide on the different cat breeds with unusual characteristics.

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American Wirehair Cat

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