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Cat Facts and Profile

The Chausie cat breed is a hybrid cat created in the late 60's when cat breeders crossed the wild Jungle cat and the Abyssinian cat, during a selective breeding program.

Chausie cat

© Photo Courtesy of Helmi Flick | Owner: Sheryl Koontz of Marechal Cattery

features and characteristics

The Chausie cat has an athletic build and is characterized by firm, strong muscles.

This domestic cat is built for leaping and running and as such it has medium long, lithe legs that are well muscled. The hind legs are moderately longer than the forelegs.

Its tail is of medium thickness and 2 tail lengths are accepted - a three quarter length (preferred) and a full length tail.

The head is described as a modified wedge (i.e. triangular in shape). Its  cheek bones are high and angular with a strong, full muzzle and chin.

The Chausie's eyes are medium sized, oval-shaped and the eye color can range from light green to hazel, but yellow or gold eyes are preferred. Its ears are large, set close together and set high on its head.

a ticked coat

The Chausie's coat length is medium short, but long enough to allow for two bands of ticking.

The undercoat is soft and dense whilst the texture of the top coat is coarse.

It comes in 3 recognized colors:

1. Brown Ticked Tabby:

The base coat is reddish-gold to sandy-gray, whilst the coat next to the skin is mouse gray. Following the mouse color are three bands of dark ticking.

The upper and inner front legs are characterized by bold barring, whilst the back legs have slight or no barring. Tabby markings are seen on the tail, legs and face.

The eyes and muzzle should be outlined by an off-white to white color.

A necklace may or may not be present on the neck. The Chausie's belly is lighter with some spotting or speckling.

affectionate Chausie cats

© Mariko Florez | Golden Ruddy Chausie | Owner: Asia Exotics  | Bred by: Asia Exotics

2. Solid Black Chausie cat

3. Black Grizzled Ticked Tabby:

Characterized by the shaft of the hair having alternating light and dark bands of ticking. The hair shaft starts with a light band next to the skin and ends in a dark tip.

Black Grizzled Chausie cat

© Bobbie Tullo of Tasurt Chausie | F1 Black Grizzled | Name: Wildkatz Ajaad Beeshmaji of Tasurt | Bred by: Sandra Cassalia | Owned by: Bobbie Tullo

The origin and development of the Chausie is discussed in depth in a separate chapter.

chausie cat facts for potential owners

ideal home | ideal family

They generally do not tolerate solitude and are probably better suited to a family of very energetic people.

The Chausie cat breed is best suited to outdoor living, but 'outdoors' as described here:

An enclosed garden means one that is covered on all 4 sides, including the roof. If your cat has direct access from your home to a large enclosure of this type it would be possible to allow safe access to the 'outdoors'.

Frequent walks are essential to burn off all their energy.

It can adapt to indoor living, but it's important to provide a suitable cat friendly environment for them.

Many breeders have contracts that stipulate that the cat must be kept indoors only. 

Would they suit a home with children?

Yes, but children should always be taught how to handle a cat or kitten. Younger children should be supervised when playing with their cat.

Are they pet friendly?

Yes, but new pets should always be introduced gradually and under supervision of the owner. Respect the rights of existing cats or dogs.

chausie personality and temperament

A cat's character is partly dictated by breeding - good breeding will ensure that your cat has a balanced temperament. So be selective!

The Chausie cat breed is described as an extremely active and playful cat.

They love to run, jump and leap into the air. This agility and speed is inherited from their wild ancestors who require these skills for hunting birds.

It's a good thing that they can be leash trained as a daily brisk walk will help expend some of this energy.

Chausie out for a walk

Chausie picture © Mariko Florez | Owner: Asia Exotics  

Chausie cats are curious, alert and intelligent cats. They are quick learners and owners claim they can open doors and cupboards and get up to a fair amount of mischief.

They are fearless but certainly not aggressive cats. In fact, the breeders and owners we chatted to describe them as affectionate and sweet-natured cats.

Chausies are dog-like in many respects - very loyal and they tend to form a very close bond with one specific member of the household.

These cats need lots of attention, stimulation and cat toys, so be sure to create an adventure zone for your new companion.

It should be noted that a first generation (F1) cat, that is 50 % wild and 50 % domestic cat, will display more 'wild' attributes than an F4 cat that is 4 generations removed from its wild Jungle cat ancestor.

cat care

A weekly brush is recommended to keep the coat in tip-top condition. Visit our guide to complete cat care and cat grooming.

health concerns

The Chausie cat breed is a healthy robust cat with few, if any health concerns.

It should be noted, that like all domestic cat breeds it does require annual vaccinations to prevent the common feline diseases. De-worming your cat every 3 - 4 months is also highly recommended.

diet | average weight

The Chausie cat breed should be fed a well-balanced diet and preferably a diet that is gluten-free.

You need to choose the best cat food you can afford. You may even want to explore a raw cat food diet.

Fresh water daily is essential.

Note: It has been reported that some Chausie cats have difficulty digesting commercial cat food due to their intolerance to gluten. Speak to a Chausie breeder about the best diet for your cat.

Weight of the Chausie cat breed 

It is a fairly large cat with an average weight of between 6.0 -11.5 kg (13.2 - 25.4 lbs)

life expectancy

The average life expectancy of the Chausie cat breed is 14 years. Diet, exercise, cat health care and exposure to the elements will all dictate the life span of your cat.

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