Raw Cat Food
Raw Meat Diet for Cats

The subject of raw cat food tends to evoke mixed reactions.

Most of the commercial feline food manufacturers will probably warn you against following this route.

Their reasons could be commercial or possibly due to a lack of understanding of this natural feline food diet.

Having said this, unless you know what you are doing rather purchase a commercially available raw feline diet rather than making homemade cat food.

why a raw meat diet?

Cats are carnivores - they eat meat! Raw diets mimic what a cat would eat in the wild.

In the wild, cats feed on rodents, birds and smaller mammals. When they feed, they consume the bones, meat, tendons, organs and they eat the entrails which contain partly digested grass and seeds which provide them with the necessary nutrients essential in any cat's diet.

Raw food is gaining popularity amongst cat enthusiasts.

what is raw cat food?

Raw meat, hearts, organs, bone-meal, relevant fats and essential fatty acids, vitamin supplements are ground together to provide a well balanced and nutritional feline diet.

It should be noted, that it is not as simple as just mixing a selection of meats together to create this diet.

A raw feline diet is scientific and not recommended for the novice!

advantages of raw food

If this diet is initially produced under the strict supervision of a feline nutritionalist it would probably represent the most natural alternative to commercial cat foods i.e. dry kibbles and moist cat food.

Not associated with the health problems allegedly caused by dry kibbles.

Mimics what cats would eat in the wild.

There is an option of purchasing raw feline foods (frozen) from reputable manufacturers.

Cats think it's yummy!


disadvantages of raw food

If the food is not nutritionally balanced, the cat will suffer from severe mal-nutrition.

Expensive and time consuming to prepare - it's a labor of love.

Raw food is perishable and if not prepared under strict hygiene conditions there is a possibility of bacterial contamination which will result in your cat becoming very ill.

For your convenience, herewith additional information on natural cat food,  cat nutrition and recipes for this raw meat diet.

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