Pictures of Birman Cats
Sacred Cats of Burma

These pictures of Birman cats showcase the Sacred Cats of Burma, highlighting their magnificent coats, sapphire blue eyes and white mitted paws.

chocolate pointed Birman Cat

Kyat Shakandah Shah Shakiel  | Chocolate point Birman | owner W Strauss and E & H van der Westhuizen | © Theresa Fouche

seal point Birman cat

Sp Pr Timshay Corelli | Seal point Birman | owned and bred by Shirley Addison Wynne | © Theresa Fouche

red point Birman

Sp Pr Quantox Pumkin Pye | Red point Birman | Bred by Di Evans owned by Shirley Addison Wynne | © Theresa Fouche

blue point Birman cat

Nooitgedacht Engeltje | Blue point Birman |  owned bred Sandy Gunst | © Theresa Fouche

blue tabby point Birman cat

Super Trouper  | Blue Tabby point Birman | © Irene McCullagh

There are numerous legends and myths surrounding this cat breed and it makes for interesting reading.

We runcover the truth about the history and origin of Birman cats.

Whilst Burma, the land of their birth, is well known for its gems - rubies and sapphires, we believe its most prized gem is the Birman cat.

Birman kitten

Birman kitten

Birman kitten

The beautiful Birman kitten pictures featured above are courtesy of Theresa Fouche

Timshay Desperaux  | Red point Birman | owned and bred by Shirley Addison | Birman cat picture © Theresa Fouche

Blue tabby point kitten | Birman cat photo courtesy of Irene McCullagh

The Birman cat is a beautiful cat inside and out, they are affectionate and gentle cats and make wonderful companions.

If you feel that this semi-longhaired cat breed is the ideal cat for you then we recommend that you visit the in depth profile on the breed.

The Birman cats profile provides great facts about the cat's personality, ideal home, a guide to their nutritional requirements, how to groom longhaired cats and any health concerns that potential owners need to be aware of.

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