Donskoy Cat Pictures
Cat Photos from Birth to Adulthood

Our Donskoy cat pictures are simply the best. The gallery below features  pictures of tiny kittens and regal adult Don Sphynx cats.

These amazing hairless cat photos showcase the different coats and highlights the stages in the development of the Russian Hairless cat.

Donskoy newborn kitten

Donskoy kitten finding comfort and warmth on its mother's belly.

new born Donskoy

Don Sphynx newborn kitten

the animal-human bond

bald Donskoy kitten

Donskoy kitten

Don Sphynx kitten nodding off

Donskoy kittens

Now that my siblings have nodded off, its my turn for a drink!

cute Donskoy kittens

This hairless cat had a shaky start, but do visit our Don Sphynx cat history page which covers the origin of the breed.

Donskoy mother and kitten

We love this Don Sphynx cat picture - a tender moment with a mother and her kitten

cute Don Sphynx kitten

cute Don Sphynx kitten

cute Don Sphynx kitten

cute Don Sphynx kitten

velour Donskoy coat

For information about this cat's unusual features, characteristics, personality and important cat care tips the Donskoy profile is perfect for all potential cat owners.

The profile will provide you with in depth information about the cat's different coat types - rubber bald cats ; flocked coat ; velour coat and brush coat which is covered in hair.

Don Sphynx - brush coat

Great examples of the Donskoy's different coat types and growth stages

two Donskoy cats

Russian Hairless cat

Russian Hairless cat
Russian Hairless cat
Donskoy cat
Donskoy cat

Our sincere thanks to Victoria Balkaeva DSX cattery "DON AMDO" Moscow, Russia for her stunning Don Sphynx cat pictures. Her love for this magnificent hairless cat breed shines through in every photo.

For information about Victoria's cattery visit

We have an extensive list of Don Sphynx cat breeders if you decide that this beautiful Russian Hairless cat is the ideal companion for you.

Please do ensure that you spend some time researching the breed and the breeder and only buy or adopt your kitten from a reputable breeder with a reputation for raising healthy kittens and cats.

You also need to keep in mind that the Donskoy is a high maintenance cat breed that requires lots of time in the grooming department.

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