Siamese Cat Names
Names Inspired by the Orient

Are you at a loss for Siamese cat names for your new kitten or cat? Stop and look no further - we have hundreds of names for cats and one special one for your kitty.

The Siamese cat originates from Thailand, so you may want to consider beautiful names inspired by the land of their origin. Names like Mali (flower), Phailin (sapphire), Somsin (sacred) or Chai (victory).

names for siamese cats

The Siamese cat names below were inspired by Chinese boy and girl names. We 'traveled' to the Far East in search of perfect Asian cat names for your beautiful Siamese cat.

BOY Cat Names
GIRL Cat Names
Cai (talent) Ai (love)
Chang (prosper) An (sedate)
Dao (moral) Fan (mortal)
De (virtue) Fei (nimble)
Gao (tall) Jie (noble)
Guo (country) Lan (orchid)
Ji (rescue) Li (pretty)
Jia (family) Ling (agile)
Jian (healthy) Mei (beautiful)
Jin (progress) Niu (girl)
Kai (open) Pin (integrity)
Kong (spacious) Qing (blue sky)
Li (strength) Shu (kind)
Liang (bright) Wen (knowledge)
Ting (clan) Xia (halo)
Xiao (laugh) Xiu (beautiful)
Xue (learning) Xue (snow)
Ye (family property) Ying (clever)
Yong (persistent) Yue (moon)
Zheng (upright) Yun (clouds)
Zhi (aspire) ZhenZhen (precious)
Zhong (heavy) Zhuang (dignified)

It's not necessary to give your cat an exotic cat name. You may decide on names that describe this cat's physical traits - names like Sleek, Slinky, Blue, Iris, Azure, Indigo or Skye may tickle your fancy.

Siamese cat | Magic | Mandy and Greg | © Sarah Thexton

A pointed Siamese cat with stunning blue eyes

japanese cat names

Japanese names are also ideal for naming your new Siamese kitten.

Japanese Cat Names
Japanese Cat Names
Daiki Akemi
Daisuke Chiyo
Hiroshi Fumiko
Isamu Hisako
Kenta Hiroko
Kiyoshi Kana
Makoto Kazuko
Manabu Keico
Masao Kumiko
Noaki Kyouko
Osamu Mai
Saburou Mami
Susumu Mayuni
Tadashi Megumi
Takumi Misaki
Yutaka Nanami
Yuuka Yumiko

If you prefer a less exotic name for your Oriental cat, then visit the list of names featured below to find a name for your cat:

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