Black Cat Names
Names for Jet-Black Cats

A selection of black cat names for your shiny-coated parlor panther!

Throughout history, black cats have been associated with myths and superstition. In some countries, black cats signify good luck whilst in others they're associated with witchcraft.

names for a black cat

The list of names will be ideal for black, grey and even tuxedo cats with stunning black and white markings. Perhaps our names for black cats will inspire you to create your very own special name.

Ace Cole Moody Shade
Africa Crow Mystery Smoke
Ash Domino Mystic Smudge
Ashes Dot Night Soot
Bean Dottie Ninja Sootie
Blackberry Ebony Omen Spaded
Blackie Indigo Onyx Spookie
Blackjack Indy Oreo Spot
Blotch Indie Panda Star
Bowtie Ink Panther Storm
Caviar Jet Pepper Tar
Chanel Jewel Pepsi Thunder
Char Jinx Phantom Treacle
Charcoal Knight Pitch Tricks
Checkers Licorice Power Tux
Cinder Luckie Prune Tuxedo
Cinders Lucky Puma Velvet
Coal Magic Raven Voodoo
Coco Marmite Sable Wizard
Coffee Midnight Sabrina Zap
Coke Molasses Secret Zulu
Oriental |Black |Mokee-Chipoftheoldblock |RitaWiseman |Photo ©SarahThexton

black cat names | translated

Looking for a cat name with a difference? 'Black' translated into a different language makes for some unique cat names:

Sort (Danish) Noire (French) Nero (Italian) Luto (Spanish)
Zwart (Dutch) Schwarz (German) Melns (Latvian) Siyah (Turkish)
Donker (Dutch) Nwa ( (Haitian) Iswed (Maltese) Zenci (Turkish)
Itim (Filipino) Fekete (Hungarian) Czarny (Polish) Du (Welsh)
Musta (Finnish) Hitam (Indonesian) Preto (Portuguese) Beltza (Basque)

white cat names

Instead of a 'black' name, why not be a little different and surprise everyone by giving your black kitty a white cat name.

Alaska Cotton Hope Snowy
Alpine Cottonball Ice Socks
Angel Cottontail Icicle Soda
Arctic Cream Ivory Spirit
Blanca Crystal Lily Spooky
Blanco Cupcake Marshmellow Star
Blizzard Diamond Pearl Sugar
Bubble Everest Puff Unity
Bubbles Flurry Purity Vanilla
Bunny Foggy Salt Whitie
Butterfly Frost Shimmer Willow
Casper Frosty Skye Windy
Cloud Ghost Snowball Winter
Coconut Glitter Snowflake Zoom

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