Male Cat Names
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Looking for a selection of male cat names? Adopted a new kitten and desperate to find a special name for the new addition to your family?

We have a wide variety of cat names specially selected for your cute kitten or handsome tom cat.

Don't be in a rush to select a name. Your kitten will be around for many years, so you do need to choose a name that both of you can live with.

boy cat names

There are no hard and fast rules for selecting a name - but experts tend to agree that short names are better as cats tend to respond more positively to single, possibly double syllable names.

Aaron Bacardi Caesar Daffy Earl
Abel Bach Cagney Dale Ebony
Ace Baker Caleb Dallas Echo
Adam Bailey Calico Dalley Eclipse
Adonis Baldwin Calvin Dante Eddie
Aero Ballard Calypso Damian Edison
Africa Barry Cameron Damon Egypt
Aidan Barley Capone Danny Einstein
Alan Basil Carl Darius Eli
Aldo Beastie Carter Darth Elvis
Alex Beethoven Casanova Davis Ember
Alf Ben Casey Dazzle Emerson
Ali Benedict Cassidy Dean Emperor
Allie Benson Cesco Defoe Enigma
Almond Bill Chad Dejon Enza
Alpin Billy Champ Demon Enzo
Anat Bing Charlie Denis Eskimo
Andre Biscuit Cheeky Dermot Eureka
Andy Blair Cheese Derby Ewan
Angus Blacky Chevy Destiny Everest
Anthony Blackjack China Dexter Ewen
Apollo Blake Chippy Diamond Exodus
Archie Blaze Chops Diesel Expresso
Ari Blizzard Chris Digby Extra
Arizona Blue Chubb Dino Ezra
Armani Bobbin Chuck Disney
Arnie Bogart Churchill Ditto
Arthur Bonaparte Claud Dixie
Ash Bond Clay Dolittle
Asia Bones Cliff Dougall
Asterix Booker Clive Doughnut
Astro Boots Cloud Dragon
Atlas Boris Cockles Drape
Athol Bourbon Coco Dribbles
Austin Boyd Codie Drifter
Brad Colby Dunkle
Braxton Colm Duke
Branson Comet Dusty
Bronson Comic Dylan
Bruce Conan Dynasty
Bruno Connor
Bubble Cooper
Buck Corey
Bushy Cormac
Buttons Coyne
Buzz Cotton

male cat names

Find a boy kitten name that says "my kitty is special".

Fabian Gabby Haddoc Ice Jack
Fawlty Gadget Hamish Ike Jaffa
Fedelity Galahad Hamlet Inca Jake
Felix Galloway Hammy Indie Jaeger
Fergal Gandolf Hampton Indigo Java
Fergus Garbo Hannibal Inky Jay
Field Garfield Harlow Innes Jazz
Figaro Garfunkel Harpo Ira Jeddi
Finlay Garnet Harris Ivory Jekyl
Firefly Garrett Heaven Izzy Jello
Fitz Gator Hector Jelly
Fitzy Gatsby Hershey Jessy
Flame Genghis Hero Jet
Flapper Ghost Hicks Jinx
Flea Giant Higgins Jodi
Flizz Gidget Hippie Joey
Floppy Gigolo Hill JoJo
Floyd Gilbert Hobbit Joplin
Fluffball Giles Hocus Josh
Flurry Ginger Holmes Jupiter
Flynn Gizmo Homer
Foe Glitter Honor
Foggie Goblin Hooper
Fonda Goldie Horace
Forbes Gorky Huggies
Ford Gower Hugh
Foxy Gregor Hugz
Freckle Gromit Hunter
Fred Groucho Hutch
Friday Grubb
Frisco Grumps
Frost(y) Gucci
Fudge Gumbles
Fuss Gumbo
Fuzzy Gypsy

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