Unique Cat Names
A Collection of Distinctive Names

The unique cat names listed below are for cat lovers who are bored with the ordinary, traditional boy and girl cat names. These distinctive and unusual cat names will certainly appeal to you.

unusual names for cats

If your kitten has an unusual color, coat pattern or a personality that makes it stand out from the crowd, it deserves a name to distinguish it from the rest.

Creative Cat Names
Colorful Kitty Names
Cool Cat Names
Spicy Kitty Names
Ash Amber Aerosmith Anise
Blackie Amethyst Afroman Barberry
Bovril Ash Anastacia Basil
Char Asure AtomicKitten Calendula
Chard Blacky BeastieBoy Caper
Cinders Blue BeeGee Caraway
Coal Blush BonJovi Carob
Coco Cerise Bustafunk Cassia
Cole Champagne Colbie Cayenne
Currant Chestnut Coldplay Chicory
Darth Chocolate Crimson Chili
Domino Cinnamon Dido Chives
Ebony Coral Dixie Coriander
Ember Crimson Duran Cumin
Ink Cyan Eminem Dill
Inky Denim Enrique Fennel
Jet Emerald Fleetwood Horseradish
Liquorice Fawn Indochine Hyssop
Marmite Flame Jethro Jasmin
Midnight Flax Joss Jeera
Moon Fuchsia Ketchup Juniper
Night Indigo Kylie Lavender
Ninja Ivory LadyGaga Liquorice
Onyx Jade Madonna Mace
Oreo Magenta Neyo Marjoram
Panther Magnolia Nickelback Musk
Panda Mahogany Nirvana Nutmeg
Pepper Peach O-Zone Paprika
Pepsi Pearl Phats Parsley
Pitch Pistachio Queen Pepper
Puma Rasberry Rush Rosemary
Raven Rose Shakira Saffron
Shadow Ruby Springsteen Sage
Smoke Ruddy Steely Tarragon
Soot Saffron Stefanie Thyme
Sooty Sandy Superfunk Vanilla
Storm Sapphire Timbaland
Tarr Scarlet Tingting
Thunder Sienna VanHalen
Thor Vanilla Wiseguy
Tux Violet Zappa
Velvet Wisteria Zeppelin

Unique, distinctive and different!

Perhaps you acquired your kitty under exceptional circumstances or perhaps your kitty found you - if so, you may want to choose a name that's appropriate.

russian cat names | african names

If your cat or kitten was imported or is a breed of Russian or African origin, here are a few names that you may enjoy.

Russian Cat Names
African Cat Names
Aleks defender Anele enough
Aglaii beauty Ayanda argue
Anfisa flower Bongiwe (Bongi) grateful
Anya grace Cebile rich
Bogatyr hero Deliwe forsaken
Boris small Fikile born
Esfir star Gugu precious
Faina light Khanya light
Fadei courageous Khule beauty
Galina calm Mbali flower
Ilari happy Nandi sweet
Irina peace Naledi star
Katja pure Phumzile rest
Kuzma beauty Thabili happy
Luba love Thandie beloved
Lyov lion Zodwa girl
Makari blessed
Matryona lady
Maxima the greatest
Nada hope
Nikita unconquerable
Nina victor
Oleg holy
Pasha small
Patya supreme
Roksana dawn
Roman Roman
Roza rose
Slava glory
Tamara spice
Timur iron
Vasili king
Vitya vital
Zarya sunrise
Zoya life

Our cat names are colorful and 'spicy'. We do have cool cat names for trendy cats and for the superstitious we have a selection of names for black kitties that range from the sublime to the ridiculous.

Whether you are looking for unique cat names, nicknames, male cat names, female cat names or even exotic cat names, you're sure to find one here:

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