Snowshoe Cats
Facts and Breed Profile

Snowshoe cats are rare domestic cat breeds that resemble the old style or apple-head Siamese cat.

A distinguishing feature that sets them apart from the Siamese cat is their white mitted paws!

Our chapter on the Snowshoe history provides in depth information on how the breed came about.

Snowshoe cat chocolate color

FIFe Champion, Salviato | chocolate color | Snowshoe owned by Oreanta Cats *CZ  | Photo Mr Gorgon of © Studio Go

snowshoe breed features

The cat has a moderately long, well built and powerful body complemented by medium boned and moderately muscled legs. Its thick, tapering tail is in proportion to the body.

The head is shaped like an equilateral triangle (or modified wedge) meaning that it is as wide as it is long. The contours of the head are rounded, the cheekbones are high, the chin firm, muzzle broad and the nose straight.

The Snowshoe's eyes are fairly large, oval-shaped and set at a slant. Eye color can be any shade of blue, but an intense blue is preferred.

The ears are medium to large with rounded tips.

the snowshoe's coat

Snowshoe cats have thick, short and shiny hair that lies flat against the body and there is only a very slight undercoat.

The coat comes in mitted and bi-color patterns and most pointed colors are accepted.

There are variations within cat registries, so if you plan to breed or show your kitten, we do recommend that you establish what the breeds standards are in your country.

seal color Snowshoe cat

Seal color Snowshoe owned by Oreanta Cats *CZ  Photo Mr Gorgon of © Studio Go

snowshoe breed facts

ideal home | ideal family

These kitties are equally happy indoors as they are outdoors.

'Outdoors' means a safe, enclosed and escape-proof garden.

Many cat owners keep their cats indoors and provide their beloved cats with access to the outdoors via a cat run with direct access from their homes.

Snowshoe kitties are active, playful and lively cats which makes them ideal companions for children and other pets.

Photo supplied by Tracey Rhodes of Glittakitz

snowshoe breed personality

They are very sociable and they adore their owners.

Potential owners need to be aware that these cats are restless and bore easily and need to be entertained which explains why they do not like to be left alone.

If possible, do consider getting two cats or you may have to create an adventure zone in your home that will keep them occupied.

The Snowshoe is a sweet-tempered and intelligent cat.

They are far less demanding than their cousin the Siamese and whilst very talkative, their voices are softer and more melodic than the Siamese cat.

cat care

The Snowshoe cat generally requires a weekly brush, but in Spring they do shed more and require additional grooming.

Naturally your cat needs good dental hygiene and you will need to check their ears for ear mites. For great tips and advice on general cat care, visit our extensive cat grooming pages.

health concerns

This is a robust and healthy cat, however, to keep your cat healthy, an annual visit to the vet for cat vaccinations, de-worming teeth cleaning and a general check-up is advised.

diet | average weight

Your cat needs a healthy, well balanced diet. Snowshoes do not need a special diet, but they will benefit from premium cat food.

Visit the guide on the different types of cat food that are available. You need to decide which diet will be best for your cat - raw, canned or kibbles - each has pro's and con's.

Keep your cat well hydrated by providing it with fresh drinking water every day.

The Average Weight

The average weight of this cat is 2.5 kg - 5.5 kg (5.5 - 12 lbs)

seal color Snowshoe cat

Interchampion Sabella Oreanta | seal queen | owned by Oreanta Cats *CZ

Having the last laugh!

life expectancy

A well cared for cat has a life span of 10 + years.

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