Exotic Cat
Breed Profile and Cat Facts

The Exotic cat or the correct name, Exotic Shorthair is the ideal cat for cat lovers who adore the Persian cat, but not the grooming - it really is a lazy man's Persian.

Exotic Shorthair Cat

Sp Pr Cracker Make My Day | cream bi-colour Exotic | owned by Mike Hancock | bred by Pat Williams and Amanda Visser | ©Theresa Fouche

This 'teddy bear' cat is generally described as a well-balanced cat, being heavily boned with soft round lines.

The Exotic Shorthair is no featherweight. It has a stocky body, powerful muscles and large bones and the body is carried low to the ground.

Its neck is short and substantial and the legs are strong, short, straight and thick. The tail is in proportion to the body and carried low.

This cat has a large, round head, full round cheeks and round short muzzle.

A distinctive feature is its short snub nose and nostrils that are open and broad to assist with air flow. Its chin is strong, well developed and rounded and the jaw is broad and powerful.

The Exotic cat has large, round eyes that are well spaced giving the face a very sweet expression.

Eye color should be brilliant, pure and deep and the most common color is copper and gold. In the Chinchilla the eyes are green and white cats generally have blue eyes.

It has small ears that tilt forward and set low on the head.

the exotic shorthair coat

The Exotic Shorthair's coat is generally considered to be slightly longer than a normal shorthair cat.

The coat is fluffy, dense, soft and very plush. Its thick hair stands away from the body accentuating its roundness.

All coat colors and patterns are recognized. As the breed standard for this cat and the Persian are the same (except for the coat length), take a look at Persian cat colors  for the array of colors to be found in the Exotic.

Exotic Shorthair Cat

Sp Ch L’Exquisite Obsession | blue tortie | owner and breeder Brenda Neukircher | ©Theresa Fouche

exotic shorthair information

ideal home | ideal family

The Exotic cat breed adapts well to apartment living.

Like all cats, they do love the freedom of an enclosed, safe, escape-proof garden.

They do prefer a tranquil environment. These cats need a home where they have company the better part of the day.

Would they suit a home with children?

Yes, most cats are child friendly, but cats need to be handled gently and tail and ear pulling is a no-no!

Are they pet friendly?

The Exotic Shorthair cat enjoys the company of other cats and dogs, but prefers the company of their owners.

exotic personality and temperament

These cats are sweet-natured, easy-going and undemanding.

Whilst placid and tranquil, they are described as been livelier than the Persian cat.

They are quite playful at times and can be very curious too.

These cats will shower you with affection and love. They enjoy nothing more than a warm lap and gentle petting.

They have soft, quiet voices which they use sparingly.

cat care

Exotic Shorthair cats are medium maintenance cat breeds.

Their fur does not matt and tangle like the Persian and does not require daily grooming - hence the term the 'Lazy Man's Persian'.

Whilst their fur needs less grooming than the Persian cat, they still require weekly brushing.

Your cat's eyes will need to be cleaned daily with a veterinary recommended eye-wash and its face needs to be wiped once a day to remove the stains produced from the reddish-brown tears.

For complete cat care take a look at the chapter on cat eye care.

Exotic Shorthair cat

Ormeryds Sundowner of L'Exquisite | black male kitten | owner Brenda Neukircher | bred by Anna Lange |Exotic picture ©Theresa Fouche

health concerns

The Exotic, like the Persian has a short, wide head and flat-face which is known as brachycephalic.

As a result of this, it may also suffer from:

  • breathing problems
  • difficulty in eating
  • and their eyes produce persistent tearing due to kinked tear ducts

The inherited kidney disorder, PKD (polycystic kidney disease), causes kidney failure. Reputable cat breeders do regular screening so this disease can be identified and carriers eliminated from breeding programs

Peritoneopericardial diaphragmatic hernia, which is a congenital pericardial condition, is common in the Exotic Shorthair and Persian cat. 

diet | average weight of the exotic cat

Your cat needs a well balanced diet. You have a choice of canned, raw and dry food.

Do look for special Persian/Exotic kibbles if you plan to feed your cat a dry cat food diet. For tips and advice on cat nutrition visit the chapter on cat food.

Average weight of an Exotic Shorthair cat

The male cats are heavier than the female cats. Their average weight is between 3.0 - 6.5 kg (6.6- 14.3 lbs)

life expectancy of the exotic shorthair

These domestic cats have a medium to long life expectancy of 12+ years.

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