Cat Eye Care
Keeping Eyes Bright and Healthy

Cat eye care is easy and takes very little time.

To keep your cat's eyes healthy, avoid getting shampoo, solvents or powders into the eyes when bathing and grooming.

Keep hair away from the eyes and wipe any 'brown matter' from the eyes if present.

Using cotton wool swabs dampened with clean, luke-warm water, simply wipe each eye with a separate swab when necessary.

When grooming your cat do examine its eyes for any sign of infection.

Cat's eyes should be clean, clear and free of any discharge.

If the eyes or eyelids are swollen, red or crusted with a discharge, it's time to see a veterinarian.

persian cat eye care

healthy cat eyes

healthy cat eyes

Persian cat's eyes tend to produce a fair amount of light-brown gooey matter.

  • In most cases it is considered normal!
  • It is generally due to the shape of the nose and face and possibly a narrowing of nasal passages and tear ducts.

Only be concerned if the eyes or eyelids look painful, red and swollen or the eyes look infected. In which case, consult your veterinarian.

cleaning tips:

Persian cats need daily eye care.

Using cotton wool swabs, dampened with clean, luke-warm water, simply wipe each eye with a separate swab twice a day or when necessary.

Your vet could also prescribe a gentle eye-wash solution to use as needed.

Do not use soap or other cleansers to clean the eyes unless prescribed by your vet.

Using an old toothbrush, gently brush away any hair around the eyes that may be causing irritation.

Persian eye care is simple if a daily routine is maintained. It will keep your cat's eyes bright and shiny and free of goo and crusts!

signs of eye problems

A discharge could be caused by conjunctivitis or be indicative of infectious feline diseases.

If the cat's third eyelid is showing it may be a sign of internal parasites, cat diarrhea or other cat diseases.

In older cats, opaque or cloudy eyes may be a sign of glaucoma or cataracts.

A blockage of the tear ducts or irritation by an in-growing hair may cause the eyes to water.

Injury or damage to the eye from a cat fight or foreign body in the eye.

Swelling or bulging of the eye could be due to trauma or tumor.

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