Bombay Cats
Profile and Facts

Bombay cats are rare cat breeds. The creation of these black domestic cats was inspired by the black leopards of Asia, known as black panthers.

black Bombay cat

black bombay description

It is described as a medium-sized and muscular cat, solidly built and surprisingly heavier than it looks. (They are neither compact nor are they gangly).

Its tail is medium length, straight and moderately thick at the base and it tapers to the tip. The legs are in proportion to both the body and tail.

The Bombay's head is fairly round (no sharp angles) and the chin is well developed and firm. Its ears are medium sized, alert and tilt slightly forward.

Its eyes are round and the color ranges from gold to copper, but a brilliant copper-color is preferred.


If you require a show cat you need to be aware that the British and American breed standards are different, so consult with your local cat registry and visit our page on the history and development of the Bombay cat.

the coat

Like the Model T Ford, this cat comes in one color - black - there are no other colors or patterns!

The hair is black from the root to the tip.

 The Bombay cat's coat has a silk-like texture; some describe it as a patent leather sheen. The coat is short, fine and lies close to the body. There is a complete absence of undercoat.

Kittens' fur darkens as they mature.

bombay breed information

ideal home | ideal family

These black cats are suited to apartment living and can deal with solitude, provided they are not left alone for hours on end. They also love the freedom of an enclosed, safe, escape-proof garden.

Would they make good pets for children?

Yes, they love human interaction. Younger children need to be taught how to handle cats and that playing does not include ear or tail pulling.

Will they adapt to other family pets?

The Bombay is a dominant cat and they prefer dogs to other cats.

bombay personality and temperament

Bombays are athletic, playful, curious and surprisingly agile.

They are self-assured cats that adapt easily to their surroundings.

Words like gregarious, outgoing and sociable describe them perfectly.

They are quite talkative, with distinctive husky voices. It is believed they are less talkative than the Siamese and Burmese cat.

Cat breeders describe their cat's personality as part cat, part dog and part monkey.

These intelligent cats love to play games, especially the game of fetch. They are skilled hunters, so keep this in mind if you have bird-life in your garden.

Bombays are like little heat-seeking missiles who love to crawl under bed covers or to snuggle on a warm lap.

Whilst they are also known to be affectionate, gentle and calm, they do tend to restrict their affection to their owners.

cat care

They are low maintenance cat breeds and very little grooming is needed.

Rub them down with a grooming glove once a week as this will assist in removing hair and dirt and maintain a shiny coat. 

health concerns

This is a healthy cat breed, but there are concerns that some breed lines may have inherited certain genetic problems from the Burmese. (The Burmese was one of the cats used to develop the Bombay)

  • A malformation of the skull, called cranio-facial defect is carried in some bloodlines of the Bombay cat.
  • Hair-lip and cleft palate is also common. 

Please ensure that you purchase your cat from a reputable breeder. A good diet, annual check-up and vaccinations will keep kitty in good health.

diet | average weight of the bombay

Bombay cats do not have any special dietary requirements.

They do need a well balanced diet with minimal cat treats.  We always recommend that you give your kitty the best food you can afford.

These domestic cats have an average weight of between 2.7 - 5.6 kg (6 - 11 lbs). Males will be heavier than the females.

black bombay cat

life expectancy of the bombay cat

They have an average life expectancy of between 13 - 15 years.

Age will be determined by the cats general health, lifestyle i.e. diet, exercise, cat care and whether your cat is an indoor or outdoor cat. Indoor cats will live longer as they are exposed to fewer dangers.

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