Balinese Cat
Facts and Breed Profile

The Balinese cat breed was previously known as the Longhaired Siamese, a graceful and elegant cat with a magnificent coat to match.

The history and origin of the breed is dealt with under a separate chapter and it may be of interest to you why some cat registries call the Balinese a Javanese cat and in others it is known as the Longhaired Oriental cat.

 Time Bomb, a red lynx point owned and bred by Lorna Dawn Friemoth of NuDawnz Cattery. ┬ęTetsu - Animal Photography

general description

The Balinese and Siamese cat is almost identical in terms of features. The only difference between the two is that the Balinese has a long coat.

Although the coat is semi-long, it does lie close to the body and it is therefore easier to identify its long, fine-boned torso.

The single coat has silky-fine hair which flows backward outlining its shape rather than detracting from its sleek lines and is characterized by a lack of undercoat.

The cat is described as slim and graceful, elegant and muscular. Its tail complements the body and is also thin and long with a luxurious plume.

Legs are long and slim and in proportion to the body and the back legs are slightly longer than the front.

As it is considered an Oriental-type breed, the head is triangular in shape, with a long nose and pointed ears with lynx tips.

It has vivid blue eyes that are almond-shaped and slant slightly towards the nose.

breed recognition

The Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) of America only recognize 4 main pointed colors as the Balinese, they classify the other pointed colors as the Javanese cat

Balinese cat (CFA): Seal Point, Blue Point, Lilac Point and Chocolate Point

Javanese cat (CFA): Red Point, Cream Point, Tortie Point, Tabby Point and Parti-color.

Other associations recognize all colors as Balinese.

Australia classifies the Balinese as an Oriental Longhair.

balinese breed information for owners

ideal home | ideal family

This domestic cat adapts well to indoor and outdoor living. It can adapt to apartment living provided it has company.

The definition of 'outdoor' is an escape-proof cat enclosure or cat run. Indoor cats should have a cat adventure zone filled with toys, non-toxic plants, cat gyms and cat scratchers.

A perfect cat for any family. This kitty is great with children. Children should be taught how to handle a cat  -  cats do not enjoy rough handling.

It will also adapt well to other cats and they are dog friendly too.

personality and temperament

This is an intelligent and inquisitive cat that adores hunting and for this reason it prefers an enclosed safe garden to explore.

But don't despair, provided it has company, it will adapt to apartment living!

The Balinese cat breed has a playful and outgoing personality.

It is a very active and lively cat who will keep itself amused for hours provided it has a selection of simple toys.

If the cat becomes bored it can be quite mischievous.

This is a people-cat that loves its owners and wants to be involved with the family.

Whilst considered to be slightly less vocal than the Siamese cat, it is still quite loud.

cat care

The Balinese cat does not shed much hair, and the other good news is that despite having long hair, they have no wooly undercoat, so no excessive grooming is needed.

We would describe it as a medium-maintenance cat breed.

Bathing is not often required. A show cat should be bathed a week before show day to allow the coat to recover its natural oils.

Whilst cats do their own grooming, good cat care means a weekly brush to maintain a healthy coat.

health concerns

This is a healthy cat breed with few health or genetic problems.

The following conditions, whilst not common, have been reported:

  • nystagmus - uncontrolled eye movement
  • heart disease
  • upper respiratory tract infections

Always consider health insurance for your pet and ensure that your cat receives its annual vaccinations and is regularly dewormed.

diet | average weight of the balinese

No special diet is required, just a well balanced diet. Your cat can be fed a high quality dry cat food, a semi-moist, raw or canned cat food.

Keep your cat hydrated by providing fresh, clean water.

It is categorized as a medium to small cat, with an average weight of 2.5 - 5 kg (5.5 - 11 lbs) 

life expectancy of the balinese cat

The average life span of the Balinese cat is 9 - 15 years.

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