Tonkinese Cats
Breed Profile and Cat Facts

Whilst Tonkinese cats may have existed in the Far East centuries ago, the cat we know today was created using a perfect blend of the elegant Siamese Cat and the well proportioned Burmese Cat.

solid blue Tonkinese cat

Sp Pr Loeloeraai Maska Hinto | solid blue | bred by Jeanine Grobbelaar  | owned by Sonya and Andre Schwartz | © Theresa Fouche

These domestic cats are characterized by their unique 'mink coats' and the most stunning aquamarine eyes.

tonkinese features and characteristics

The Tonkinese has a medium long body with well developed and firm muscles.

Its tail is medium long and moderately thick and the hind legs are longer than the front legs.

The cat's head is medium-sized, shaped like an equilateral triangle with rounded contours.

The Tonkinese has medium-sized ears with rounded tips and the ears slant forward.

Eyes are peach-pip shaped and slightly slanted and the eye-color varies from aquamarine blue and green.

blue solid tortie Tonkinese

Sp Ch Loeloeraai Tolinka Amitola | blue solid tortie | owned and bred by Jeanine Grobbelaar  | © Theresa Fouche

an unusual mink coat

The Tonkinese has a short coat that is soft, luxurious, silky and fine and the coat pattern includes:

  • Pointed (Siamese coat pattern)
  • Mink (Unique to Tonkinese)
  • Solid (Burmese coat pattern)

If you intend to breed or show your cat, you will need to check the breed standards in your country as the accepted coat colors differ between registries in the United Kingdom and the United States.

The Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA- USA)

Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF- UK)

Only accepts mink colors:

Platinum mink (pale silver, dark gray); Blue mink (blue gray, slate points); Natural mink (brown ruddy highlights & brown points); Champagne (cream beige, brown points) and Solid and Pointed versions.

Only recognizes the solid colors:

Cream, Blue (gray), Brown, Chocolate (ruddy brown), Lilac (soft mushroom), Red, Tortoiseshell and Tabby.

tonkinese information

ideal home | ideal family

Tonkinese cats are suited to indoor (they actually love to be inside) and outdoor living.

If your cat is permitted outdoors, you need to ensure that it is an enclosed garden, (or an enclosure) one that is covered on all sides and this includes the roof.

Tonkinese loathe solitude and for this reason, they would be more suited to a family rather than a single-owner household. They are people-cats and known for their tolerance of children. 

tonkinese cat blue point

Loeloeraai Prinses Aurora | blue point Tonkinese | owned by Alexa da Silva and bred by Jeanine Grobbelaar | Photo Theresa Fouche

tonkinese behavior and temperament

Tonks, as they are fondly called, love attention.

They are fun cats to watch and be around and they make excellent pets! They are sociable towards other cats and animals.

This is a breed with a colorful temperament - highly intelligent, affectionate, lively, active and playful and yet gentle and warm.

These cats are also known to be stubborn and difficult to train. They are quite vocal, but the good news is that they have melodious voices.

cat care

This shorthaired beauty is a fairly low maintenance cat.

Its short coat needs to be brushed once a week to keep it in tip-top condition.

Our comprehensive cat care pages will assist with all your cat's grooming needs.

tonkinese health concerns

The Tonkinese is a healthy cat breed, but some breeding lines are prone to:

  • Upper respiratory infections
  • Gingivitis. Gum disease can be avoided by good dental health.
  • It would appear that they are sensitive to anesthetics and certain cat vaccines.

It is always worth investing in cat insurance - you just never know when you may need drastic veterinary intervention.

To keep your cat healthy, an annual visit to the vet for vaccinations, de-worming teeth cleaning and a general check-up is advised.

All cats need to be vaccinated against infectious feline diseases.

diet | average weight of the tonkinese cat

The choice of cat food is up to you, but do buy a good quality, well balanced pet food.

The breeder will normally provide you with guidelines on cat nutrition and the best cat food for your new Tonkinese kitten.

You also need to provide your cat with fresh drinking water every day.

The Average Weight

The average weight of a healthy cat will be between 2.5 - 5.5 kg (5.5 - 12.1 lbs)

blue point Tonkinese cat

Loeloeraai Prinses Aurora | blue point Tonkinese | owned by Alexa da Silva and bred by Jeanine Grobbelaar | Photo Theresa Fouche

life expectancy of the tonkinese

Tonkinese cats have a life span of 15 - 18 years - a long life expectancy.

tonkinese pictures

blue mink Tonkinese cat
Blue solid tortie Tonkinese cat

Loeloeraai Yamka Yahzhi | blue mink tortoiseshell | owned by Mr and Dr Schwartz, bred by Jeanine Grobbelaar | © Theresa Fouche

Sp Ch Loeloeraai Tolinka Amitola | blue solid tortie | owned and bred by Jeanine Grobbelaar  | © Theresa Fouche

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