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The Sokoke Cat is also known as the African Shorthair or the Kadzonzo. This is a rare cat breed and considered a fairly new breed of cat.

Kadzonzo cat

Cat Photo courtesy of Tage Ericsson of Kung Rane in Sweden   

kadzonzo cat characteristics

The Kadzonzo cat is an athletic cat - sleek, slender and graceful. This cat has a solid, sturdy build and exhibits great strength.

Its movements and long legs have been compared to the wild African Cheetah. They have beautiful long legs with fine boning and have a characteristic tip-toe gait.

Its tail is relatively thin, medium in length and described as whip-like and somewhat stiff.

To complement the torso, the neck is long and slender, yet muscular and strong.

The Sokoke's head appears small in relation to the rest of the cat and the top of the head is somewhat flat. The cat has well defined cheek bones, a broad, well defined strong chin and a long, straight nose.

It has large, expressive, almond-shaped eyes that are set wide apart and slanted towards the base of the ears. Eye color is light green or amber and has a distinctive black outline.

The Kadzonzo has large, alert ears - meaning that they are in the upright 'listening' position. The ears are broad at the base and the tips are slightly rounded and ear tufts are desired.

Sokoke cat

Cat Photo courtesy of Tage Ericsson of Kung Rane in Sweden

the african shorthair coat

Its coat is short, close-lying, shiny and dense but lacks an insulating undercoat and this does make the cat sensitive to cold weather.

The coat only comes in a Brown 'Modified' Classic Tabby. The coat has blotched markings with ticked areas on the inside.

The coat resembles a marbled tabby and the blotches give the illusion of been 'hollowed-out'. There is no white on the Sokoke.

The coat pattern provides perfect camouflage for a cat that once roamed the Forests in Kenya.

kadzonzo cat facts

ideal home | ideal family

This cat is suited to indoor and outdoor living.

Many cat breeders have contracts that stipulate that the cat must be kept indoors. Indoor cats need an 'adventure zone' to prevent boredom.

By outdoors we do not mean free-roaming the neighborhood. A cat run, an enclosure or an escape-proof /cat-proof garden would probably suit them best.

Note: As mentioned, these cats lack an insulating undercoat and are sensitive to cold. In colder climates it is recommended that they be kept indoors.

personality and temperament

They are loving and affectionate cats - but certainly not lap cats!

Breeders and owners describe them as sensitive cats that are curious and intelligent. They love to play and will keep themselves amused for hours.

They are moderately active and their favorite pastime is to sit perched on high places waiting to pounce on the next unsuspecting victim!

They are not aggressive; in fact they love their humans, other cats and dogs and generally thrive in groups.

This is a talkative cat with a relatively strong voice. It is also one of the few cats that loves water.

Whilst it may have a 'wild' heritage, it is considered a domestic cat and owners do not require a license to keep them.

 Kadzonzo cats love to be close and cuddle up - they thrive in groups. For additional information about the breed and adopting a kitten, visit  Kung Rane Sokoke in Sweden

cat care

This is a shorthaired cat and requires very little grooming.

Its coat needs to be brushed once a week and then rubbed down with a rubber grooming glove.

health concerns

When the Sokoke initially arrived in Denmark they were more susceptible to feline diseases than other cats, but with vaccination, this has been overcome.

It is considered a healthy cat breed and does not suffer from any genetic or hereditary diseases.

We recommend that your cat receives an annual check-up, all its cat vaccinations and is de-wormed every 3 - 4 months.

diet | average weight

This cat does not need a special diet, but you do need to feed your cat a healthy, well balanced diet.

The review on cat food provides excellent information on the different diet types.

Water and not milk is also an essential part of the diet.

The Average Weight

The average weight of this cat is between 3.5 kg - 6.5 kg (7.7 lbs - 14.3 lbs).

The male cat is heavier than its female counterpart.

life expectancy of the sokoke

The Sokoke cat only reaches sexual maturity at around 1.5 to 2 years.

The average life span for these cats is 12 + years, but some cats may live up to 20 years.

Cat life span depends on numerous things which are explained in detail in the chapter on how long do cats live.

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