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Stunning Longhaired Cats

A Gallery of pictures of Persian cats that showcases gorgeous cats and kittens, but as they say ....'a picture paints a thousand words'

Whether you are a lover of longhaired cat breeds or not, you have to agree that this is one of the most beautiful cats around. Their distinctive long-haired fur can be found in many colors and patterns.

Our cat breed pages will provide you with more cat facts about this breed. Information related to cat history and a facts page that deals with their characteristics, health, life expectancy, nutrition and grooming your Persian cat.

Persian Cat - valuable facts for new and current cat owners

persian cat color black smoke

persian cat black bi-color

persian cat black tortie color

black persian cat

persian cat calico harlequin

persian cat blue harlequin

persian kitten blue harlequin

persian cat blue van

white persian cat

persian cat red shaded cameo

persian cat red bi-color

dilute calico harlequin persian cat

white persian cat

red persian cat

red color point persian cat

red shaded bi-color persian cat

red tabby persian cat

longhaired persian cat

persian cat

perisan cat

white persian cat

chinchilla persian cat

white persian cat

persian kitten

black persian cat

black smoke persian cat

A Girl or a Boy or cute kitten pictures, our Persian cat pictures aim to please. Whilst this cat breed may require a little more attention in the grooming department, we're sure you'll agree that the final results are worth it!

If you have pictures of Persian cats that you would like to share with us, please do contact us.

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Pictures of Persians Cats courtesy of:

© Theresa Fouche Photography

Bottom: Tintagel Shot in the Dark Red Color Point; Breeder: Ros Chapman

Top: Flamboyant Alvin L'Meur Red Shaded Cameo Persian Owner: Rene van Wyk Breeder: Marianne Nel TF

© Theresa Fouche Photography (and 1 photo by Sarah Thexton)

1. L'Exquisite Apres Midi Black smoke Persian female, Owned and Bred by: Brenda Neukircher

2. Tres Jolie Bellissimo Black bi-colour Persian male, Owner and Breeder: Charmaine Danziger

3. Tintagel Call Me Irresistable Black tortie Persian female, Owned and Bred by: Ros Chapman

4. Black Persian adult male, Owner: Brenda Neukircher, Breeder: J Oro

5. Persian Exotic neuter Nizat's Brandee Calico harlequin Persian female Owner: Irshad Abdulla, Breeders: Coreen and Nicole da Luz

6. Sha-Sume Nitro 2 Blue harlequin Persian male kitten, Owner: Annitta de Villiers, Breeder: Hedwig Peplar

7. Sha-Sume Ocean Blue harlequin Persian female kitten, Owner: Annitta de Villiers, Bred by: Hedwig Peplar

8. Toulouse Du Nid Douillet Banzai Blue Van Persian male, Owned by: Hedwig Peplar and Johan van Tonder, Bred by: Andrea Magnier (France)

9. Balouchi Prince Valiant Copper-eyed white Persian male, Owned and bred by: Christelle Horne

10. Flamboyant Alvin L'Meur Red Shaded Cameo Persian Male Owner: Renee van Wyk, Breeder: Marianne Nel

11.Tres Jolie Special Edition Red bi-colour Persian female, Owner: Colleen Gardner, Bred by: Charmaine Danziger

12. Grabe's Enya Dilute Calico Harlequin Persian female Owner / breeder: Linda Grabe

13.Photographer © Sarah Thexton Cracker Cotton Candy Owned by: Amanda Visser and Pat Williams

14 & 16 Grabe'sTinafeld Leroy Red Persian male, Owner: Linda Grabe, Breeder: B and G Neemann

15.Tintagel Shot in the Dark, Redpoint Colourpoint male ; Owned and bred by: Ros Chapman

17. Grabe's Tinafeld Leroy Red Persian male, Owner: Linda Grabe, Breeder: B and G Neemann

18. Sp Ch Azisas Royal Slovar Owned by: Clive Goosen

19.Flamboyant Mojito, Persian Owned by: Mike Hancock

20.Jalbertus Brettachtal's Deus Jupiter, Ownersvan Schoor, March, Pretorius, Bred by: K Sinn

21. & 23 Cracker Cotton Eye Joe Copper-eyed white Persian male, Owner: Rene van Wyk, Bred by: Amanda Visser and Pat Williams

22. Cherie Finesse M'Dame Midini Chinchilla female, Owner: Cindi Edmunds, Bred by: Alida Delport

24. Flamboyant Tammy the Tiger, Owned and bred by: Marianne Nel

25. Sp Ch L'Exquisite Du Monet Jack Sparrow Black Persian adult male, Owner: Brenda Neukircher, Breeder: J Oro

26 Sp Ch L'Exquisite Palmetto's Victor (imp), black smoke - Owned by: Brenda Neukircher

Thanks to the photographers, breeders and owners for sharing their pictures of Persian cats with us.

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