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A Choice of Cat Health Plans

We are not in a position to recommend any specific pet insurance company.

The list of insurance companies below have been selected for your review.

We can assist you with cat insurance guidelines to ensure that you make an informed decision before purchasing cat health insurance.

We urge pet owners to obtain a free quote and establish which company provides the best cat healthcare benefits.

Your pets are part of your family and they deserve the best treatment possible.

Most pet owners do provide a healthy and safe environment for their pets, but sadly, cats and dogs do get sick, and yes, accidents do happen!

You need to ensure that you have comprehensive cover for all eventualities.

america | united states of america

Company Contact
Pet Assure
Pet Care Insurance
24 PetWatch
ASPCA Health Insurance
Quick Care
Purina Care
Pet First Healthcare
Pets Best Insurance
Pet Partners Inc
Shelter Care Insurance

australia and new zealand

Company Contact
Pet Insurance Australia
Pet Plan
PetSure Ltd Australia
Vets Own
Company Contact
Pet-n-Sur New Zealand


Company Contact
Pet Secure
Pet Care Insurance
Trupanion Medical Insurance
Vet Insurance Canada

south africa

Company Contact

united kingdom

Company Contact
Pets at Home Insurance
Animal Friends Insurance
Pet Protect
Healthy Pets

When considering cat health insurance, there are a host of questions that you need to be asking the insurance companies.

Visit our chapter on cat health insurance for tips and helpful questions about cat health insurance. 

We have compiled a list of  questions that may prove invaluable.

  • What benefits do they offer?
  • As your cat gets older, do the premiums increase?
  • Will my cat need a full medical check-up prior to being accepted for cat health insurance?

Good cat care means excellent cat health!

We found a resource that compares various cat health insurance companies and provides answers to your pet health insurance questions.

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