Cat Grooming Tools
For a Professional Job

Essential cat grooming tools and supplies will you need to do a professional job of grooming your feline companion.

Whilst your kitty has its very own grooming tool  - its tongue, you will need to purchase some basic tools for the job!

We provide a comprehensive tool kit.

cat care - tool list

firm bristle brush

Find a brush made of bristle as nylon brushes tend to cause static. This brush is used to remove loose hair and dust and is a gentle introduction to the grooming session.

bristle brush

wide-toothed metal comb

This will assist with the removal of those stubborn knots and tangles and gets down to the base of the hair.

wide toothed comb

small-toothed comb

Often call a flea comb, this small toothen comb will assist with the removal of any parasitic eggs (i.e. fleas, mites etc).

flea comb

old toothbrush

An old toothbrush is the perfect tool for brushing the hair around the eyes, the nose and mouth.


grooming glove

A chamois leather cloth, silk Scarf or grooming glove provides the finishing touches - it smoothes and shines the hair.

grooming glove

round-ended scissors

A pair of round-ended scissors for cutting-out dense matting and knots.

round-ended scissors

claw guillotine clippers

Guillotine clippers were designed for clipping cat's claws.  You should not use a pair of scissors for clipping claws as they tend to split the nail.

guillotine clippers

cat toiletries

Grooming talcum powder helps absorb excessive oils on the fur and eases brushing by separating the hair.

Grooming de-tangling solution aids in easing matting in order for you to tease out the knots.

Cat shampoo Shampoos indicated for humans should not be used on your cat. Human shampoos contain ingredients that could be harmful to your cat when ingested and are too harsh for your cat's sensitive skin.

Specialized cat toothpaste and a cat toothbrush for oral and dental hygiene. Human toothpaste is not recommended.

A bottle of sterile water or cooled previously boiled water to clean eyes and ears.

Cotton wool swabs for cleaning eyes and ears.


Small shallow bath or basin. Never fill the basin and have sufficient water in a jug for rinsing your cat thoroughly.


A hairdryer if you cat will tolerate a hairdryer.

A treat to keep your kitty cat distracted.


Your grooming tool requirements will largely depend on the specific domestic cats grooming requirements.

Some cat breeds need more grooming than others do.

Longhaired breeds, especially the Persian cat, requires significant grooming.

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