Canned Cat Food
Wet Food that Cats Love

Canned cat food or moist cat food is a great alternative for cat lovers who do not want to feed their cats a raw diet or dry cat food (kibbles).

Our darling kitties are considered carnivores and for this reason we need to provide them with nutrients that are sourced from animals.

Cat owners need to appreciate the importance of cat nutrition and provide their feline companions with the best wet cat food possible.

A feline diet is considered well balanced if it contains good quality proteins (not by-products), essential animal-based amino acids, fats (EFA's), minimal carbohydrates (grain free), vitamins, minerals and water.


what is wet cat food

Moist cat food is a commercially produced food available in cans or pouches.

Wet cat food consists of ground meat or whole bite-size pieces of beef, poultry or fish.

These moist foods are presented in a sauce or gravy, jelly or in brine.

Formulations differ but generally consist of proteins (meats or meat by-products from beef, fish or poultry, soya bean); carbohydrates (grains, rice, barley, potatoes); vitamins and minerals and fats.

Be sure to find the most suitable food appropriate to the cat breed, the cat's age, lifestyle and your cat or kittens nutritional requirements. 

It is advisable to read the label. You should note that manufacturers list ingredients from the highest to lowest amount. Ensure that good quality proteins are used, starch is limited and that taurine is listed as an ingredient.

advantages of canned food

This cat food comes in a wide range of flavors, sizes and brands.

It offers a range of special diets for specific feline health conditions.

Moist foods have a high moisture content which provides an excellent dietary source of water.

Canned food has a long shelf life if unopened.

Canned or wet cat food is generally highly palatable.

Cats love the taste and smell of the food.

disadvantages of canned food

Wet cat food is perishable and once opened it needs to be stored in the refrigerator.

It is believed that cats fed a moist-only diet tend to get bad breath due to tartar build-up on the teeth.

Moist cat food can be pricey if you buy premium, well balanced canned / pouched cat food.  (our kitties are worth it though)

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