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facts about cat health insurance

Finding out more about cat health insurance is not only a wise move financially, but it'll offer you peace of mind too.

Part of being a good owner for your kitty - whether she's a long-standing companion or a dream yet to be recognized - involves planning for the worst. 

When your new furry friend comes into your life you can be prepared with the cover to suit her needs, or if the cat that has seemingly always been a part of your family falls ill, you can sidestep the terrible decision between her health and money. But what do you need to know?

You shouldn't think "it won't happen to my cat."

Your kitty may be healthy and happy now but there's no guarantee she won't have an accident. If you wouldn't have the money to pay for your pet to have an emergency operation at the drop of a hat, cat insurance is a good idea. Let the facts - as outlined by the Insure Your Pet website - speak for themselves:

  • One in three pets will need to have veterinary treatment each year
  • Pet insurance claims are more likely than household or car insurance claims.
  • Around 80 per cent of older-pet owners will claim on their pet health insurance each year

vet bills are on the up

There has been much talk recently about the rising cost of medical treatment for pets, so pet insurance is a great way to protect yourself from incurring a huge bill. Insure Your Pet concurs that vet fees are rising faster than the rate of inflation.

choose the right cover

If your pet is likely to develop an on-going disease, make sure you choose a policy that covers the cost of an illness for an unlimited amount of time. Some policies don't cover the cost if the same illness lasts for over a year. Cat diabetes is one such long-term condition that may affect your pet. According to VCA's cat diabetes site, its risk factors include age, obesity, genetics, physical inactivity and other disorders or diseases such as a hyperactive thyroid. Neutered males are also more likely to develop diabetes. If your cat has any of these risk factors, it may be worth getting this more tailored type of cover.

not just their health that's covered

Some cat insurance policies will cover the cost of damage caused by your pet. Some will even cover cattery costs if you need to go to hospital.

avoid these slip-ups

Make sure you are not paying a higher premium for travel cover if you never intend in taking your pet overseas.

Check whether exclusions apply to the cover, and reconsider if losing cover in these situations will be an issue. Some of the possible exclusions could be: pregnancy, preventative or elective treatments such as neutering and vaccinations and behavioral problems.

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