Cat Litter Pans
Convenient, Inexpensive and Popular

Cat Litter Pans, or cat litter trays are the most common and also the most popular cat litter boxes purchased by cat lovers.

Litter trays are generally made from a very sturdy, durable plastic and make an ideal cat litter box. (There are also paper disposable cat litter boxes available).

features and benefits

The plastic variety is available is a wide range of colors, sizes and depths. So be sure to choose one that is suitable for your cat or kitten.

Kittens require a smaller cat litter box that is easy to access and one that is not too deep.

Cat litter pans are ideal for older cats or cats that refuse to use a hidden, hooded or electronic cat box.

Irrespective of the size, shape or color of cat litter tray that you choose, we suggest that you find one with rounded corners and edges. You want to minimize or avoid any moisture traps, thereby eliminating odor and bacterial growth.

Fresh Kitty Frosted Pan - blue plastic cat litter tray
black plastic cat litter pan

A litter tray with a removable litter box cover offers your feline friend some much wanted privacy.

Plastic litter trays with removable rims are perfect for holding the cat litter liner in place, but more importantly, it minimizes the scattering of litter when your cat is scratching and covering their waste.

All cat litter varieties can be used in the cat litter trays - so it does give you the option of trying various cat litter brands until you find one that your cat prefers.

Cat litter trays are versatile - so for new cat owners, this may be a good start!

additional requirements

Cat litter trays require the following extras:

  • litter tray liners
  • disinfectant and deodorizers
  • and of course the essential scoop

Using liners or disposable cat box inners will extend the life of the plastic tray and make it easier to clean.

Petmate Hooded Pan Set
Petmate Litter Pan with rim Rim

We found many cat litter trays on our trip to the store - prices ranged from $7.00 to about $25.00 so they are relatively inexpensive and if kept clean and well maintained they do last a long time.

In our view, the best cat litter box is the one which your cat prefers. We provide some insights into the available cat products:

Automatic Cat Litter Box

Cat Litter Box Furniture

Visit our tips and advice on problems with your cat not using litter box.

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